Early signs that my pancreas is regenerating or waking-up!

Frank Pio Russo - September 29, 2018.

At some stage in the recent past, I realized that most of the diabetic medication that I was taking was pointless, in other words I became aware that my pancreas had become un-reactive to the chemical stimuli of my medications... in other words it had become unresponsive or possibly it had died!

As a result I stopped taking the metformin as well as the sitagliptin, which both came packaged as janumet, and I also abandoned all the diamicron (modified release) - hence I was only taking the insulin for my diabetes from then on. So for all intensive purposes I could consider my pancreas as 'dead', as regard to insulin production.

Now as regards to my new diabetes cure - which has only had its full implementation for about a month - I have been taking about 25 units of rapid insulin before my usual lunch at about midday, and the usual reading at two hours post-prandial, had been about 10 mmol/l . However I have been expecting some movement downwards from this value, with the hope that my pancreas might regenerate and wake-up and start producing some insulin once again.

Well I hope that I'm not being premature in wanting all my readers to be as excited as myself, about my great diabetes cure, but all the positive signs are there to render this diabetes discovery very massive indeed! As far as the meals consumed, these have been consistently similar - both in size and content, and yet with the consistent 25 units of insulin injection before the meal, the sugar level at two hours after the meal has dropped considerably! Today I was very close to a hypo with my sugar resulting as being only 2.9 mmol/litre and two days ago it was only 5.9 mmol/l. I  guess I may reduce most of the insulin doses to 18 units from tomorrow and see how I get on.

I must also mention that yesterday I received my glasses with the upgraded lenses, to complement my 'miraculously' improved vision, as a result of having implemented my new diabetes cure... and I'm very pleased with them!

In conclusion, I promise to continue to keep most of you well informed, as to how I'm progressing in my efforts to divest myself of this serious illness.

Frank Pio Russo.



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