The subtle distinction between time travel and longevity and how it relates to the Michelson-Morley!

Frank Russo - January 11, 2013.

Before tackling the subject here under discussion, I just want to say a few words about how most things in the universe age and 'die'. Everything in the universe appears to cycle light... light of a higher energy is absorbed and light of a lower energy is emitted... this is why most things emit some larger-wavelength infrared light. However the problem is that this emission is relentless, taking place even throughout darkness when one may not be absorbing any light at all... and it takes place regardless of whether one can supply energy by ingesting food or not! Eventually such a process degrades most things.

Hence, if one were to find a way of slowing this emission problem, one would acquire some longevity! However this is not to be confused with what takes place in Einsteinian Relativity, for there what is supposed to be taking place is that things travel to the future whilst still experiencing 'normal' time. Therefore, if an itinerant twin comes back much younger than his twin that got left behind on earth, he hasn't experienced longevity at all... rather it is the twin that stayed behind that's lived a long time and has his extra wrinkles to prove it! The much travelled twin might look younger, but then again that's only because he hasn't lived as long... that's not longevity at all! But rather that's only time travel! Namely movement to the future.

However, a proper understanding of the Michelson-Morley tells us that whilst light always travels at its absolute speed in the absolute frame, its speed in all the relative frames varies according to the speed you're doing... becoming almost zero in the forward direction if you're travelling at close to the speed of light! Of course you'd still be emitting a tiny bit of energy behind you, but that bit of light would be so red-shifted that it would hardly matter in the scheme of things! Now that is true longevity for you'd be coming back after a millennium for argument sake, and you will have lived out the 1000 years without wrinkles... whilst civilization here on earth will also have gone through a thousand years! You have not been cheated of any time at all! True longevity!

Of course it is my version of longevity that the muons experience, for they are travelling at an accelerated speed and would therefore be emitting much less electromagnetic radiation per unit of time... thus taking longer to degrade and dissipate! It is my dream that we might discover a planet that's orbiting or rotating at the speed of light... that would truly be something... of course we mightn't be able to pick up any light from it except through its poles... perhaps that's what pulsars are!

Yes! With a proper understanding of the Michelson-Morley experiment, the whole universe opens up right in front of our eyes and our future is there for our grasping!

Frank Russo.


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