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That’s wonderful music to my ears, I’m glad we won’t be living in ‘puritanical’ days anymore … the old Israelite days where there was the death penalty for particular things done on the Sabbath is long gone… and people do not need to have Sunday mornings reserved for church: nobody is going to stop them from going to church if they do desire!


It’s the people’s will that matters in these sort of things, and just like in Nehemiah’s day the people today want to trade etc. on their ‘holy’ days. We do not want to continue to copy Nehemiah who enacted laws to close the city gates and place guards there to stop trafficking!


Well done… I think the next election is in the ‘bag’!

Sincerely: Frank Pio Russo.



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Frank (Francesco),

Today I have announced that if elected at the coming election, a Marshall Liberal Government will deregulate Adelaide’s shop trading hours.

Currently, Adelaide’s shop trading hours are restrictive and cumbersome.

Motor vehicles aren’t allowed to be sold on Sundays or public holidays, some shops in the CBD can’t open until 11am on a Sunday, some shops in the suburbs can’t open on public holidays, and some retail outlets on public holidays are prevented from selling some of their goods which they can sell on every other day.

That’s why, if elected to Government in 2018, the State Liberals will introduce amendments to the Shop Trading Hours Act to reduce red tape and liberalise trading hours based on the following principles:

  1. Greater Adelaide Shopping District (CBD and suburbs)
    Monday-Saturday – midnight to 9:00pm
    Sunday and Public Holidays (except Christmas Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day morning) – midnight to 9:00pm
  2. Proclaimed Shopping Districts
    Monday-Saturday – midnight to 9:00pm
    Sunday and Public Holidays (except Christmas Day, Good Friday, Anzac Day morning) – midnight to 9:00pm
  3. Special rules for motor vehicles and boat sales be removed
  4. Retail outlets won’t have to stop selling any of their products (eg some stores have to stop selling some of their goods) on certain days such as public holidays.

Our plan to deregulate shop trading hours will modernise the South Australian economy. Online shopping has changed the retail environment. I want consumers to have more choice and small businesses the flexibility to open their stores when they want!

Yours sincerely,

Steven Marshall




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