Having another go at curing avascular necrosis of the hip: this time by also increasing the levels of vitamin D.

Frank Pio Russo - May 11, 2018.

When one thinks of a joint one imagines cartilage, tendons and ligaments... however these are of course attached to bone and if the bone is not up to scratch one's got problems.

I recently doubled the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin that I was taking, however the pain began to become more intensified so this avenue was a dead-end street and I reverted to only taking 2 tablets of Blackmores joint advanced repair.

Then yesterday I was speaking to an old friend from the IMVS who I believe has had her husband with a painful hip in the past, and she suggested vitamin D injections. So I went to look at my x-ray and sure there was also a lot of bone damage. Now you need to have a good bone base from which to launch your cartilage , tendons and ligaments, so I've now increased my Vitamin D intake for a while to about 2,000 IU per day.

This makes a lot of sense because at the onset of the problem I was on a hunger strike to dissuade all those bastard agents from 'stealing' my special physiology, and I actually lost about a quarter of my bodyweight: basically all I was doing was rubbing olive oil on my skin and drinking very cold frigid water! My nutrients were really non-existent and this is possibly why I damaged myself from a very minor ladder fall.

Thus far this is the best initiative yet, and I'll keep you informed as to any developments.

Frank Pio Russo


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