Crucial point to understand in relativity.

Frank Russo - May 25, 2009

A key realization to grasp is that light actually travels a full 0.166598191 m. without any corresponding apparatus travel to speak of, instead it actually travels this segment by doubling over an equivalent 0.166598191 m. already travelled by the apparatus (or earth). Hence a 2.091124102 m. from the point of view of light is actually 2.257722293 m. and therefore the origin is actually further along by 0.166598191 m.

This can be verified by first going one way the 12.921923284 m and then deducting the 9.078076718 m the other way, and then deducting the 2.091124102 m which leaves an actual gap of 1.75272246 m. implying as I maintain that the origin has actually moved along an extra 0.166598191 m beyond to make the gap an actual 1.586124274 m !

In view of this, it becomes all the more important to translate every frame of measurement to the absolute frame (old-ether frame) where everything can be itemized! It would not be too obvious to the untrained eye that 2.091124102/49272606.19 is equal to 2.257722293/53198115.45 nor that 1.586124274/53198115.45 is equal to 1.75272246/58785767.03 ; well they actually are equal in time representing the same ratio each time!

I would have had "buckley's" hope in working out what was going on if I hadn't stuck to my guns and concentrated on the absolute frame! I hope the scientific community will appreciate my intensive work on this matter since 1987... back in my early years I used to live and breathe the Michelson- Morley experiment 24 hours a day.

Frank Russo.

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