Cosmology and the Absolute Truth!

Frank Pio Russo - April 21, 2016.

Way back in 1981 and 1982 I had some very advanced thoughts on God and time... most probably as a result of being drugged with LSD - or something very sophisticated - twice... once via some laced sandwiches that a "Judas-friend" coerced me to eat, and the second time through some sort of a prick on the upper-arm as I was walking through a crowd in Rundle Mall: by the time I got back to the lab the fellow scientist Sue Rippon wondered why my speech had gone all slurry!

Basically I had the idea that time goes from minus infinity to plus infinity... in other words it never had a beginning and will never have an end. Hence in some sort of sense, time would be akin to what a lot of religionists would imagine the Holy Spirit to be! Of course all other existence would be under the operation of  this force of "Time"... now naturally time per se - as the tic toc of the clock - would not really exist, but would simply be an illusion or artefact, caused by the 'real' relative motion that the Force which I have defined as Time would generate! With physiological time speeding-up as things get smaller and slowing down as things get bigger: simply because the physiological meter would change whilst gravity remains the same!

I wrote 2 pages about this in August/September of 1982: the 1st page wasn't too bad but the 2nd one was not as good as I had hoped... I am adding that 1st page here for the benefit and enjoyment of all my readers.

Sincerely: Frank Pio Russo.

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