The complete blood circulation.

Frank Russo - August 03 2008.

In 1981 I did a very interesting article, and I've since then been hinting that there is a lot more to our circulation that is not obvious at first sight.

I actually believe that the way the circulation is viewed at the moment is incomplete. There's the Portal circulation which collects the blood from the alimentary tract, pancreas and spleen, and carries it via the portal vein and its branches through the liver and into the hepatic vein. However what must also be realized is that the arterial side leading to the portal circulation actually would end-up losing a lot of liquid to the relevant organs and general portal areas: these in turn end-up in the alimentary lumen as digestive juices etc, and don't all get picked-up by the portal vein... most of this surplus does however find its way up the common lymphatic duct and empties into the left subclavian.

In view of the fore-going one should expect a stereoisomeristic variance whereby the diastolic on the left should be upwards of 10 units higher. In the ideal system it's easy to see why the Adam's apple or epiglottis actually blocks or regulates entry to the digestive system for the latter has to be a closed system so that as you breathe in and the diaphragm is stretched, you actually force the circulation along... presumably... it may actually be possible to have the breathing and diaphragm compound action as a sort of spring-loaded mechanism, which might mean that the heart hardly has to do any pumping but may just go through the motions, letting the arteries and the diaphragm do the bulk of it except when under stress.

Hopefully I've provided some stimulus in a formerly closed issue.

Frank Russo.

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