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Sent: Wednesday, 7 September 2016 9:07 PM
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Subject: FW: Media presentation was misleading.


Hi there,


I thought that bit about “twice the size of Victoria” didn’t sound right… Barnaby was obviously talking about the total foreign-owned land… the media presentation was a bit misleading! (?)




Chinese Australian-land-grab under the Microscope! (Lateral thinking in action!)


Some people have been far too quick to dismiss the Chinese land-grab as an aberration: apparently they have less than 0.5% of all of our agricultural land… behind the UK, US, Singapore and the Netherlands. However figures can be very misleading: apparently that’s twice the size of Victoria!


All these dimwits are contrasting what the UK has, to render the Chinese holdings as not very significant. Such morons overlook the fact that the UK - not very long ago - actually owned 100% of our land: we were just its colony!  And as far as the US, well we’re conjoined at the hips with them in a military alliance, jointly participating together in all of our wars!


However, in order to get the proper picture, one must apply some IQ combined with plenty of lateral thinking! I used to be quite a good chess player and have beaten many A Grade players over the years… I however only played in punctuated short bursts, without allowing my rating to greatly accumulate: after about 17 or so years of inactivity I again played some chess last year… I found that my rating had dropped considerably!


Analogously, one will find that the land holdings of the UK and US, represent a historical position – things of ‘long’ ago: in other words what would constitute an “inactive chess rating” and as such irrelevant to our current discussion!!


Furthermore - as some sports like cricket and chess were a bit boring - the rapidity element has been made fairly prominent. Just like cricket has Twenty20, chess also has Rapid Chess and these days players also have a “rapid rating”! Well the Chinese used to be very poor and did not concern themselves that much with Australian land and real estate… this has however recently exploded as they’ve been monopolizing trade and raking in the money! And lo and behold they are funnelling it into the Australian land and real estate market: yes its “Rapid Rating” would now be fairly high!


The Australian public are not mugs and have got reasons to be genuinely concerned: Good on Ya! Barnaby Joyce!


Frank Pio Russo.