Breakthrough in joint repair and maintenance.

Frank Pio Russo - May 06, 2018.

The new innovation is that one should raise the chondroitin and glucosamine in unison with the raising of the MSM intake because obviously these are vital ingredients for the rebuilding and healing of joints.

This morning I was meditating about my relativity and saw a parallel which shed some light on my arthritis research... I was recalling how the huge mistake was there for over 100 years and the system is still not aware of it - namely the fact that when they were transposing from an absolute interval to a relative interval, they were only modifying the denominator and couldn't understand why they were getting a different result - you of course must modify both the numerator and denominator proportionally and then the time of the interval will remain unaltered!

Well for quite some time I've been experimenting with very high levels of MSM (or organic sulphur) - we are talking about taking 100 or more grams of MSM as opposed to the recommended 1 or 2 grams which the medical world currently recommends. Doing this does get rid of the hip pain, however the alleviation of pain does not last for long and you have to keep taking the huge amount. This results in some side-effects, namely the splitting of the webbing between the fingers of one's hands with itchy ulcers, and if the levels are high enough very debilitating parkinsonism... plus there's also the possibility of ulcers on the mouth's palate. The latter I believe happens if you take the MSM in cold water, such that some of the powder is not well dissolved and may affix itself to the palate - you should always dissolve the MSM in hot water.

Well the parallel to what I mentioned about my relativity, is that one should take the supplements required to rebuild one's joints in the right proportions. Hence just taking very high levels of MSM is not good enough: one must also raise the level of chondroitin and glucosamine.

I've therefore started taking extra 'Joint Formula Advanced' by Blackmores. It's early days as I've only started today but the initiative seems promising. I will keep you informed as to how this progresses.

Frank Pio Russo.


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