The Best Friend Aborigines ever had!


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Subject: FW: I am trying to be the best friend Aborigine-Australians ever had ! (I have solved the cause of most of their illnesses by curing diabetes1)
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Ps. – I apologize to you Ken! You’re at least as important as Linda… after all you’ve been in Parliament longer! (I seem to think you have - for sure!)


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Subject: I am trying to be the best friend Aborigine-Australians ever had ! (I have solved the cause of most of their illnesses by curing diabetes1)
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Hi Linda,


I have often reflected on the various issues that your people have trouble with, in adjusting to modern life in Australian society. My conclusion of long ago, was that the main two issues were alcohol and diabetes. I wonder whether your more personal involvement with your culture, bears some of my observations out.


Look as far as the alcohol goes, there’s many Europeans that have a similar problem - with some going to AA meetings. However, if the problem amongst Europeans had a similar very high incidence, to what’s true amongst Aborigines, I am totally convinced that governments would regulate the access to such a dangerous substance! I feel that it’s criminal of the authorities to simply ignore what’s going on, because it’s only affecting Aborigines! As if the latter are subhuman and do not matter in the overall scheme of things!


Now I’m not just all talk, but I’m putting myself forward as an example. I’m now 65 years old and was never a big drinker of alcohol, however regardless of that, some 15 or more years ago, I began to totally abstain from alcohol! I reasoned that for one, it destroys ones liver, with some of the liver enzymes quickly reflecting damage, which in the long term would lead to cirrhosis and death! The other obvious thing is that it tends to destroy brain cells, and the intelligence that these cells were facilitating! Furthermore, apparently no level of alcohol is safe, as all sorts of alcohol consumption causes the onset of various malignant cancers. So as far as the alcohol problem goes, I blame our governments for not removing the access to this dangerous poison!


Let’s now consider the other main issue that I’ve mentioned. Apparently Aborigines are dying like flies in the outback, because of diabetes (?). I have many music CDs, and one of my very best ones is “Tribal Voice” by Yothu Yindi… yet if I recall correctly, his talent was snuffed-out by terminal kidney failure - (together with liver disease) - resulting from diabetes complications – ( of course I don’t mean the whole group but simply the talented leader of the group, i.e. ‘Dr’ Yunupingu!). Yes the poor people in the outback need my great medical discovery that I’ve come up with, and which the new RAH has sent to all its doctors dealing with diabetes!


Look the common rule to abstain from sugar and some carbohydrates was extremely bad, it actually encouraged the liver to decide that the person had become an “energy bankrupt” with no sugar, and would therefore pump an avalanche of sugar into the circulation, causing a diabetes that had gone berserk!! What one needs is an unsaturated diet, with a nice slice of Helga wholemeal bread at every meal, with a constant slow conversion of carbohydrates to glucose – this will stop the liver’s interventions!


Look the medical world was wrong about sugars causing all the problems associated with diabetes! In actual fact, the real culprit is the acidity that is generated through the digestion of carbohydrates and sugars, followed by the stripping of all the electrons off the hydrogen atoms - leading to the multitude of toxic, acidic and very damaging Hydrogen ions (i.e. H+) !! This is why one needs the unsaturated diet, because such a diet will have many double and multiple bonds, and these will be able to mop-up the hydrogen ions by virtue of their spare electrons! In this way your aborigine brethren, will not damage their kidneys by excreting the very acidic H+ ions, as the latter will end-up in the sewer through the faeces instead – via the fibre and stroma etc.!


I hope you can publicize my discovery – Linda – so that your people can benefit from it ! I’ll include some of my articles and research.


I want to be known as a friend of your people!

Sincerely, Frank Pio Russo. 


(Diabetes is also behind many other illnesses simply because the acidity stops a lot of healing processes e.g. to do with joints etc.)


True some years ago, I used to forward to people some negative news items – however most of these were originating from a Jewish person via a friend who breeds Poodle dogs – all I was doing was passing these on to some of my readers!

Frank Pio Russo. 


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