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Investigator Magazine; received: February 4, 1997

A bending of light as it skimmed the surface of the sun was calculated by Johann George von Soldner and published in 1803. (Henry Cavendish may have done it 15 years earlier and never published it).

Von Soldner got a value of 0.875 seconds of arc. In 1911 Einstein came to the same conclusion - the bending of light of 0.875 seconds or arc. Yet in November 1915 he doubled this prediction, probably because he had by then measured the bending of light and knew it to be twice as big.

However, von Soldner had made an error that made him underestimate the Newtonian factor by 50%. Hence with the introduction of the Einsteinian curvature of space-time, Einstein would actually be predicting 2.625 of arc.

The error made is that half of the bending is ignored, namely the half acheived prior to the ray of starlight grazing the sun. Hence Newton predicts 1.75 and Einstein 2.625 - the latter being wrong.

It had been wrongly assumed that any bending before reaching the surface of the sun would always be blocked by the sun.

With the advent of my new Michelson-Morley paper, Einsteinian relativity becomes only a special case for electromagnetic propulsions.


Clifford Will; Was Einstein Right? p.68

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