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Sent: Tuesday, 26 July 2016 10:07 AM
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Subject: Be very selective when letting Italians into this country !


Be very selective when letting Italians into this country !


One should call a spade what it is, even if it’s about his own countrymen!


With immigration, of course one should discriminate… – you use probability and past experience to predict the features of a breed/race… very few people pick a new dog blindly!


Well I ask you to exercise special care if ever you bring any more Italians in: especially from the lower half of their peninsula.


There, crime gangs known mainly as Camorra and Mafia are very endemic. I’ve recently been told about a shop near Naples, which was regularly paying protection money: the owner had gone on holiday and the mother-in-law had been left in charge – she tried to play dumb with them, claiming she knew nothing about the envelope of cash she was supposed to regularly hand over. They grabbed her by the hair and bloodied her very badly, by repeatedly smashing and breaking up her face on the marble bench: many of her teeth broke and fell out!


Do we want this sort of thing in our country: of course not! So just like we should beware of bringing Muslims over here, we should not take any risks with anybody else either. Apparently even President Obama’s brother is now voting for Trump: he agrees his brother has not been very good for the US, and agrees with Trump stopping all Muslims from coming in: “You can’t have people shooting everybody dead in the name of Islam” or something similar – he’s been reported to have said !!


Anonymously contributed.


Ps the irony of the foregoing is the fact that the Mafia originated in Sicily, and they apparently learnt such behaviour from the Muslims who conquered their island for some 100 or 200 years – I forget exactly how long for !