Astronomical aspects relating to both Christmas and Easter!

Frank Pio Russo - December 26, 2018.

(A message that is somewhat about both Astronomy and Christmas.)

The ancients used to use the concept of 'personification' very powerfully! Hence they often used to personify many elements of nature, into various myths and even Gods! Therefore it should not be surprising that the same sort of motifs were operating all over our world!

I have followed the example of many religious headquarters of various religions and cults - they tend to split their religious books into 2 categories: a large section where the bulk of the contents are to be found, and a secondary more specialized 'little' library, where all sorts of esoteric and dissident books are present. Obviously, this second library is usually known as a 'Classified' Library which is only accessible by very few people.

In my Classified Library, I have a collection of books that specialize on research that tends to prove that Jesus was, very much only a myth! Apparently it's a very well known fact that virtually all the ancients, worshipped our "Sun" as the giver of life, and they used a sort of what we would call today, a poetic licence to create various Messiahs or Christs that were to reflect the qualities of the Gods they were imagining!

Now most people have no idea - here in the west - that all of our history and culture, was plagiarized and censored by what eventually became a temporal power, namely the Catholic Church or hierarchy. The very early Christians - if you could call them that - were the Gnostics, and there were no real writings as the believer had to experience a sort of "gnosis" or spiritual enlightenment. Well gradually fables and myths were developed, so as to capture the imagination of the uneducated masses! For example it was a Gnostic who wrote the first Gospel, which basically was a sort of passion play. Yes Marcion did that, and the smart Christians knew that only in a Play, could all those events be squashed in sort of one week-end! These were the "spiritual" Christians, whereas obviously the "fleshly" Christians or immature ones, who still needed the "milk" like real babies, concentrated on the various fables which were supposed to only serve as memory aids for the beginners!

Naturally, all these fables eventually took on a realistic existence - especially because it was incredibly hard to experience "gnosis" - and the 'babies' of the church became the dominant fraction, and went on to become a temporal power, which was very well organized. Don't be fooled by all the invented lies: apparently it was the so-called very enlightened "pagans" who were persecuted to be forced to join the Christian movement! And the Catholics would plagiarize the details of such persecutions from pagan tombs, and claim it was inflicted on Catholics instead!

The Catholics also tampered with virtually all the documents of the day, and it was done very stupidly such that no-one for example, believes the bit in Josephus which supposedly talks about Jesus! And there were many, many historians of the day and yet nobody gives a credible account about Jesus!

Finally cutting a long story short, one of my books entitled "The World's Sixteen Crucified saviours" was written by Kersey Graves and it shows that virtually all these Messiahs were basically the same "type" and Jesus was no different from the others. Apparently, they were all born on December the 25th, and they all died at round about Easter time! Why even the Aztecs, in what today is now Mexico, had their own such Messiah: it's been spelled in various ways, and I am now only writing from memory as it's been many years since I've read this book. It was spelled something like "Querzacoattel" and he was apparently crucified to death on the year that the Babylonians were destroying Jerusalem!

So what is this all trying to tell us? Well whilst today's religions frown on, and hate astrology, the Bible and the ancient world was full of it! All you've got to do is look into revelation! Now obviously all of these Messiahs were personifications of our Sun, and it's been said many times that the birth of Jesus - to pick one of the 16 - was linked to the winter solstice - (in the Northern hemisphere) - and denoted the fact that the sun was then starting to win its battle over darkness, as the days started to lengthen!

But this never made perfect sense to me: for most of my life: why was it December the 25th and not the actual winter solstice, such as December the 21st or the 22nd? Well I did eventually solve my mystery, and it revolved around the fact that there were no telescopes or astronomical observatories in the ancient world. Sure, the actual solstice would have happened on December the 21 or 22nd, however the sun had to sort of stop and change its direction! And of course all this was being observed with the naked eye, and it would take about 3 days before any actual movement in the opposite direction would become perceptible!

Finally, why did all these God-men die at the spring equinox? The reason for this, is the fact that the ancient world, considered the sun as it crossed the ecliptic, and viewed it as being "crucified" by the "ecliptic"! Hence why all these messiah-types died by crucifixion, and at round about Easter time! Also, they saw the death of their "God-men heroes", as responsible for the great renewal and rebirth that happened with the arrival of the spring season!

Now you might form your own conclusions on these matters, but rest assured that there is a Force, and there is also a Devil and Demons. The latter caused the Force to step out of world affairs temporarily, as they proved that the Force had a conflict of interest, as it blindly commanded respect from individuals such as Job, simply from the majestic position it had!

Frank Pio Russo.

( Ps. Of course today we do know that it is the earth that goes around the sun, whilst the sun is itself going around the galaxy and so on...!

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