Does ASSA ever bury the hatchet or does its jealousy go on forever?

Frank Pio Russo - December 23, 2018.

It is often said that all you need is one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel, despite the fact that supposedly there's both good and bad in every organization! Why is this true? Well, simply because it's often the nature of the few members that are in leadership positions, which constitutes the nature and behaviour of an organization.

Some years ago I was being very successful with my activity at the Astronomical Society: I was expressing my views through some of my dedicated forum threads on ASSA' s website, and these were the ones that all the readers were flocking to! Furthermore, some influential members were pushing for me to present a talk and discussion about my ideas, at one of the monthly lectures or talks.

However, I began to sense intense jealousy by the leadership! This was obvious because I was being ignored and censored, through not having any of my participation in ASSA-chat, sent out to members! And when I complained about being ignored: they simply did not even reply back to me!

Furthermore, I got the same treatment when I emailed the chap who was the overall in charge, to report to him about some of the members, who wanted to see me delivering a lecture followed by a discussion with the audience. The 'moron' just continued to ignore me! He was obviously looking for an opportunity to pick on me, and attempt to shut me down, so as to lose all my influence with some of the members!

Naturally, he jumped at what he thought was an ideal opportunity to quarantine me somewhat - (when I published my critical response on the new so-called "gravity wave discovery") - by issuing a "suspension" of my membership! The facts actually were that the individual concerned, was no more than a "moronic imbecile" comparatively speaking, in view of the fact that I have been reputed to have scored the highest IQ in our planet's history! So how did the 'retarded stupid' individual, expect to understand what I was saying?

Does Frank Russo have the highest IQ in history?

Well the fact was, that he hadn't understood anything at all, till I published an apology for what some morons, had perceived I was saying! In other words, I even bent so far as to apologize for their stupidity, (as if I had anything at all to do with their warped and limited intelligence!). Obviously it was far-fetched to go so far with my apology, but the imbeciles would have lost all credibility with the rank and file members, if they now stopped picking on me with their sort of persecution!

Well it was all "water off a duck's back" as far as I was concerned. I had suffered far worse at the IMVS, where I had been victimized and even drugged with LSD a couple of times! Why? Simply because the rest of the staff had very inferior minds, and were extremely jealous of all my research ideas! So I walked away from ASSA and my forum contributions, and as far as I am concerned it was all their "loss"! I have since gone from strength to strength since that decision, in both physics and medical research!

Now something significant has happened just lately, to make me recollect these past experiences! At about my leaving ASSA, I also left my ISP for another company... now a couple of days ago I was informed by my old ISP, that there was still an active email in my name which I did not know anything about! I accessed it, and there were email messages from ASSA, so I sent out a couple of replies apologizing for the long time in responding! It's actually been almost 3 years, since most of what I have been relating took place, and I would have thought that people's jealous sensitivities would have dulled down somewhat  - however I was badly mistaken!???

I received last night - (Saturday) - an intense attack on my computer-system through my emails! It was from one of those ASSA emails that I had responded to in a conciliatory manner after almost 3 years! Namely: "" (belonging to "Jeff Lusher). So naturally I reported the incident to the server in question, that is Internode. They were very helpful in blocking the source of the attack, as well as cleaning my computer up. Two of my emails' in-boxes were choked by a massive amount of compromised material! And on top of that, my central mail sorting centre was also flooded with compromised material!

Fortunately, although I'm not exactly 100 % sure, I don't think I opened any of the material! I guess it will soon become apparent whether this is true or not. I then followed the suggestion of the ISP person, to ring the source of the problem, and politely inform him that his computer has some issues - possibly some type of "worm" of some sort!

I followed the issued advice, and much to my surprise - the individual responded rather nastily and angrily, and told me not to ever ring him again! I then rang Internode and reported this ASSA-individual's behaviour... the feedback I was given from the ISP person, was that the source of the attack was obviously angry at being found out, and also at the fact that his attack had failed miserably!

In conclusion, it appears that some ASSA people "never bury the hatchet", and might be such ridiculous people as to possess "eternal jealousy", towards some successful people!

Frank Pio Russo.

From: Frank Russo []
Sent: Wednesday, 26 December 2018 6:21 AM
Subject: I always thought that most of you people, were very nice individuals!
Importance: High

Hi there,

Andrew, let me know if I can add you to my list once again. I think that people like Joe, might have thought that I was very ambitious, and may have wanted to become very influential in ASSA.. with probably coveting some sort of leadership position! However he mis-judged me and was totally mistaken!

I have always been a very theoretical person, and this was true of my astronomy involvement as well – e.g. you can check 2 of my best astronomical articles, and they’re both very theoretical:

Articles for "Galilean Electrodynamics":

540 The Incredible Bradley: Why his Aberration Work was so Accurate! (Being published in the July/August 2017 issue)

Relativity articles in "Speculations in Science and Technology"

> stellar aberration

The same was true of most of my articles about the speed of light, whilst Michelson was a top technical craftsman, manufacturing complicated equipment, I simply used my brain to theoretically work out the speed of light from my stellar aberration work! HENCE OBVIOUSLY, WITH ZERO PRACTICAL INVOLVEMENT IN ASTRONOMY, I WAS NEVER GOING TO STEAL ANYDODY’S POSITION IN ASSA!

True, people – mainly Joe - chose to get upset over my “gravity waves feedback”… but you should know that they did that in error, simply because they lacked the IQ necessary to understand what I was saying! So what did I do in response? WELL I WENT THE EXTRA MILE FOR THEM, AND EVEN APOLOGIZED FOR ANY ‘PERCEIVED’ OFFENCE! IN OTHER WORD I WAS EVEN APOLOGIZING FOR THEIR STUPIDITY! FOR WHICH I WAS DEFINITELY NOT RESPONSIBLE!

“Apology for any perceived offence !

Frank Pio Russo - March 11, 2016.


I wish to apologize to anybody who may have perceived an offence by myself, in my recent “Gravity Waves” response ! It was quite a complicated statement that requires some IQ to unravel. I said that “one could be mistaken” that they were talking about a “Jewish Mohammed”… notice that I did not assert that this was a fact but rather merely a mistaken perception by some observers !

This statement was only uttered in an effort to emphasize that one must not mistake “religion” for “science” and that true science is not the proper place for “hero worship”… in other words it’s usually a bad idea to mix religion and science, despite the fact that Paul Davies got away with it in “The Mind of God” !

Of course I do not apologize for any of my scientific criticism in the above article… and I suspect that this content may have been the true reason, as to why some were offended - with the mentioned item purely put forward as an excuse to channel their anger at their “hero” - (Einstein) - being taken down !

I am sincerely sorry and apologetic for any perceived offence I may have caused.

Frank Pio Russo.

Here's the original article:

Now Professor Charles Pearce whose intelligence I admired, read this apology and said – “You’re not really apologising for anything at all… as you’re not responsible for any of their misguided thoughts!”. Nevertheless, I did expect that at least one out of you - almost a dozen ASSA people – would react very badly, simply because that’s how human nature often is! Well I received an intense and nasty attack on my computer system after sending those very late responses to you people! And internode identified the person as Jeff Lusher! They then told me to ring him up and apologetically tell him, that I thought his computer may be compromised – well the chap wanted to know my name and reacted very violently (???) I reported his response to his ISP, and they observed that he was obviously upset at being discovered as the source of my attack, as he expected my computer to just break down without ending up pointing back at him! In view of the foregoing, I now feel that I know where the multitude of attacks on my computer had been originating from.

In conclusion, I’m sure that the rest of you are very lovely people! So I will try and enter you on my mailing list, as it’s very easy for me to do so – and you can choose to unsubscribe if that’s how you feel.

Of course I won’t add your email, Andrew, but should you want to reconsider, I ‘ll only be too glad to help!


Frank Pio Russo.


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