Guestbook Article: Why the Surface Area of a Sphere Follows the Inverse Square Law

Frank P. Russo

P.O. Box 90 Campbelltown 5074 South Australia

Written: 02/06/2000

I was talking to a mathematician today and mentioned that 10 years ago, when I was working on gravity, I realized what the inverse square law was all about! That is that the surface area of a sphere is equal to 4Pi multiplied by the radius squared. Now 4Pi is a constant, hence it is clear that as a sphere increases in size, the surface area follows the "inverse square law"... hence this is why the intensity of gravity, light etc. drops off from the is being diluted by the extra area it has to cover. In gravity one has to be more specific: ie the further one goes from a gravitational center, the more one can stack-on and this is of a finer and more microscopic nature.

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