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Frank P. Russo

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Written: 19/01/2000

In a paper to Nature dated June 24 1988 and entitled "The meaning of time (and cryogenics)", I made some interesting comments which "illustrate" my previous entry very well! I quote "another aspect of time is its physiological value : it could speed up physiologically as one steps down through the infinitesimally decreasing atomic sub-structures of our brain so that when we make a decision, an infinite number of "earths" have contributed their so-called freedom of choice. By the same token, it could slow down physiologically as one moves up the infinite array of macro-atomic structures due to the greatly increased relative motions required for life functions. This would in turn mean that either the earth is in the brain of an embryo who has not developed enough to make use of his facultative powers or we may be a part of other structures (eg bone) or of inorganic compounds. FAR-FETCHED! YOU MIGHT EXCLAIM- NOT ANYMORE THAN EINSTEIN's RELATIVITY!" (End of quote)...Of course this could simplistically mean that at 'the next level down' one of our Kg might relatively weigh approximately [one/10 raised to the 40th power]...likewise the there conscious being would have a similar relative meter and a similar 'relative' speed of light. ATRUE RELATIVITY! Perhaps we are the architects of consciousness for the levels 'above' us! PERHAPS THIS IS WHY GOD (ELOHIM), IS A PLURAL TERM IN HEBREW!

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