Guestbook Article: A Unified Theory

Frank P. Russo

P.O. Box 90 Campbelltown 5074 South Australia

Written: 08/01/2000

Had an interesting exchange regarding the Aether, through this site's email... here'an extract: "Mark! I think you read my message but did not understand all of it... the old "aether" sounded like magic... I choose the benefits without old-fashioned terminology... if space isn't a "vacuum" then there's something there whether one chooses to call it "aether" or subatomic particles. My analogy to "up or down" was not in reference to 3-dimensional space... obviously for strong gravity to become the strong nuclear force you have to move "up" a stage to the world where our stars or "universe" is the equivalent of an atom to the there "conscious" world. Conversely, for what we observe as the strong and weak nuclear forces to manifest themselves as the strong and weak gravity you have to move down a stage to the world where our atoms are "universes" to "conscious"beings of that world. I've had this view since 9 years of age but I then had to abandon it because of the then inappropriate speeds." ie the electron was travelling at near light-speed whereas planets and stars are going at negligible speeds: my "absolute speeds" recently came to my rescue! Bingo! A UNIFIED THEORY!

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