Great Hearing if the ‘sanguinously’ Inaccessible zones are being nourished with Wax or Olive Oil!

Frank P. Russo - August 6, 2003

P.O. Box 90, Campbelltown 5074 South Australia
August 2nd 2003

Hi, I was very pleased of your great love in music and its reproduction. I haven’t really kept-up with the very latest; you see … if you reach the stage where you drive a Rolls Royce, you tend to loose interest in the competition! My ears used to be very logarithmic, which is great if you want to feel the house shake, and perhaps even ‘shatter’ any ASIO/CIA bugs. You see, as you increase the power by a factor of 10, you only double the sound intensity … in other words, if you double the power … you only raise the sound pressure by about 3 decibels! So you see that a ‘lot’ of power can mean very little! Actually the best way to get a ‘big sound’ is to have ‘efficient’ speakers.

In 1980, I allowed my ears to choose the Yamaha NS1000M; an audiophile friend who could ‘regurgitate’ all the British reviews said, and I quote, “they’re not very good … the Japanese haven’t yet learnt the British Art, of making speakers … those actually “throw” the music at you!” I personally thought, they belonged in a futuristic millennium! The aesthetics were perfect … the ambience was spectacular and it gave you incredible instrument ‘presence’! Plus imagine the engineering in making the tweeters in such responsive and light Beryllium! Not only was the latter metal very expensive, but also very carcinogenic in the production … so I thought that a price of $1000.oo was a real ‘steal’! In my ‘research’, I was thrilled to learn that it was the ‘greatest’ engineer by the name of Banks, who had actually designed them/ and believe it or not, he was actually British! I think he had moved around designing all the better speakers all over the place (e.g. the “Celestion(s) Ditton 66” – I think!)/ I guess a bit like Pininfarina and Bertone had done with cars!

Yamaha actually discontinued that model at leat twice! But every-time … nobody went for the replacement models! Each time, they reverted to returning to ‘my model”! I think, eventually the whole world started to acclaim them, as the best speakers in the world!!! Even the audiophile reviewer for the News in 1981 had them! I eventually sold them for over twice the original purchase price, almost 20 years later! This was because I suspect some ‘secret service’ sabotaged them!(?) I sent the tweeters twice to Melbourne … they said there was evidence that the “glue” had somehow melted!!! ANYWAY CONSIDER ALL ANGLES, BUT THE FINAL CRITIC MUST BE YOUR PAIRS OF EARS!!!

Regards and best wishes,


I think the last list price was about $5000.oo!

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