Einstein – Some of my Past Comments on the Man!

Frank P Russo - November 17 2003.

1 – On “Genius/Insanity (pub80.ezboard.com) Date: Sep. 28, 2002.

“Actually Einstein was at 130 … those halfwits at 9 wouldn’t know if their ‘arse was on fire!’ … Marilyn’s vagina, I guess seeing that she did claim that it was inseminated by Einstein… may have been at 130… her brain however, was reverentially referred to as a “dumb blonde”… sounds more like 85-95 if you ask me! By the way, Einstein was above average at Maths, (perhaps Physics as well… although, 99% of his Relativity was maths rather than Physics… any physics was greatly distorted… imagine 1916-1954… big fat ZERO! At one stage Bohr was near his room… Einstein locked himself up in his room, to avoid being intellectually decimated!) … Actually Bohr was there (at Princeton) that time, for ~3 months – yet all he could manage to engage Einstein in were a few ‘banalities’! (?)

His language skills were ‘childish’, with a Hebrew background and decades in the US, (plus Switzerland and Italy), all he could manage was some German! He didn’t speak as a child… the joke today is he was ‘thinking’! His mother reportedly took him to a doctor and said, “He’s retarded!” … the doctor visited him and then concurred, “Yes! He’s retarded”. I mean really, “God does not play dice!” When he didn’t bloody well, even believe in God!

Let’s say one is going to make a discovery… then he gets given a Nobel Prize for commenting on someone else’s work! Gee that’s good! And then everybody raves about his work, oblivious to the fact that it might have been a series of calculations on his “computer”, with no actual input from the man, and no physics involved! Yes, you can’t use common-sense because a moron like you never had any Einstein! Your history teacher was right “You’ll never amount to anything Einstein!” … In future they’ll look back at you, with scorn and ridicule… “Yes we let the jester take over for a while, because we were too embarrassed and exhausted at bashing our heads against a brick wall… the Michelson-Morley Experiment!” Nobody ever says Maths is bad… but sometimes even a baby, can master a language quite well! Does that mean, that he has the logic to make any real sense of it! (?)

At the Institute where I used to work, some of the ‘tools’ were, a whole floor of programmers and computer(s), as well as mathematicians; and “we”, the real scientists, consulted them as the need arose, much like I do, with my massive scholarly library! On Friday, I straightened out the major paper and the major Tv channel: i.e. Einstein was at 130, and like one of your better ‘forummers’ said, with Marilyn, she had other attributes, for which she was instead known. Anyway, I told them, “You’re probably thinking of Marilyn Vos Savant …”

2 – On www.dba.org.au/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=1269 (Sep. 28 2002)

“… I guess there still is a lot of physics … but this is with a practical application … yes engineering is still doing well; however this is a far cry from the 11 or so dimensions, with tensor maths, which has escaped from ‘Lunatic Asylums’, and which only the ‘elite’ can ‘understand’ … little do they realize that all they are understanding is their ‘esoteric Mathematics … “Well keep going fellers … just remember: THERE IS NO NOBEL PRIZE FOR MATHEMATICS!”

3 – On www.dba.org.au/forums/topics.asp?whichpage=6&ARCHIVEVIEW=&TOPIC_I... (Nov. 9 2002)

“As for Einstein, one of his 2 sons, had a very severe breakdown, and blamed it totally on his father, … for abandoning his family and wondering off with his female cousin to the US! A Jewish doctor told me, he even had sex with Monroe … he used to ‘park’ his boat in secluded places, with various women!… Who knows how much went on!

“Look whilst Einstein spent years in Germany, Switzerland (which is tri-linguistic), much time in Italy, and also in the US, as well as in a Hebrew ambience, I had to straighten a sophisticated doctor, some years ago… He told me, “Yeah! But Einstein really did know how to write a good letter! (To the President)” … I told him that after having been found, with some extra brain tissue in the mathematical zone of his brain, they probably with-held the fact that he may have had, only the right hemi-sphere, (let alone no Corpus Callosum)!!! All he did, was to provide the signature for the (in)-famous letter, as all he could manage, was a bit of German! And that took many years in coming… “

4 – Some comments (at the start of my paper): “Time and Relativity Redefined” – Nov. 17, 1987.

5 – More comments on the paper: “A direct comparison between Russo and Einstein” - under Articles – March 12 1989.

6 – Sure, Einstein did go to some ‘preparatory’ school’ at Aarau: it is nevertheless impossible, to gage any of his progress there! He was actually only competing, with hardly a handful of students! (Very few of them!) In a ‘full’ class in the Munich Luitpold, he was at or near, the bottom of the class… (This is rendered obvious in the Britannica)!

7 – At his course at the Polytechnic, (Zurich) … not much changed: it was a ‘class’ of only 5 students. Einstein managed to ‘squeeze’ through as fourth! Whilst his ‘companion’ Mileva, actually failed!

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