Is Masculinity Detrimental?

Frank P Russo - November 22, 2002.

In reference to your story, (Telegraph- UK), on denigrating masculinity, I am compelled to point out, that the data involved was compiled 'aeons' ago! (As few males would be willing, for such a barbarous act today!). Furthermore, the supposed benefit, of ~15 years, was attributed to fewer castrated males succumbing to tuberculosis, which a century ago, was a fairly prominent disease! (This is not so today in the 'first' world!). PLEASE SHARPEN-UP YOUR RESEARCH, or stop having a hidden agenda, that may-be run by feminists, or trans-sexuals. (The 'large' pay more tax, or are a bigger target for 'bugs'! Only an infantile intellect, would consider that break-through research - BIG DEAL!). (Kerry Cue, can only be as good as you! You supply the data, and she starts the 'interfatah'!). I hope you can use the 'rebuttal to Ms Cue's attack on masculinity from yesterday's "Adv" ... Many Thanks!

Good News for QEH ... in-vitro for 'everybody'! A count of ~20 million per millilitre of semen, is usually required for a result! Are you going to pay for all the in-vitro alternatives, so as to only use 3 for populating a planet!?

Ms Cue will you use a billiard 'cue'?! And the 'banks'. From which 'ranks'?! A 'half-wit' usually 'parrots' info. willy-nilly. Do you think most of the tom cats actually die because of the testosterone? No! Some are shot etc.! Put a car in the Birdwood Museum ... it's sure going to get pranged!? I guess it all depends on whether you want a 'vegetative' life or actually 'live'! The deaths before the 70 years, of the biblical generation, are usually fairly "premature", and just after 70, comes the drop of testosterone, hence why most humans start to disintegrate! Are you a Hirsute and hence bear a grudge? Quick get rid of your ovaries and adrenals! Remember women produce testosterone too! And don't think that the low levels are that 'salutiferous' for you ... remember it's a minute "free" level that's physiological! ... And since your SHBH might be really busy with some other hormones, your levels might be quite physiological! Hence why you might be of a normal IQ, so as to work for the Advertiser! ... Remember testosterone is essential for a good brain, and many other things ... imagine a hi-fi with only treble!?

PS - don't get too offended! A 'half-wit' to me, is a very 'normal' person! 'Perhaps you could get a job for a circus, or else just simply shave!' Actually I would advice you, to go to a "beauty salon" instead, Or, use cyproterone acetate! GOOD LUCK!

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