Frank P Russo – November 11, 2003.

I have been very active over the years, especially since the JWs made the blunder in 1984, of allowing bone-marrow transplants, whilst still forbidding transfusions! However recently, I've been somewhat, more concerned about scientific issues: I've included some of my recent correspondence, dealing with "Jehovah's Witnesses".

Many Thanks for allowing me to have an input,

I actually worked for more than 14 years, in the Clinical Chemistry Division of the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science. So as such, most of my work was to do with other matters, e.g. : male re-production, adding Ldh into the Got substrate to eliminate Ldh interference. Many of my years were spent around big machines, such as the SMAC: one of the things there, was to drastically improve the Cholesterol assay. I also worked in Atomic Absorption: mainly with metals such as Magnesium, Lead, Calcium, Copper, Strontium, Zinc, etc. I actually came 1st from 95 labs in Australasia, and 2nd in the world, out of 570 labs -and with old equipment!

At the time I was a Technical Officer. Of course, seeing that I have never worked in haematology: what I mentioned to you, in my last email, were breakthroughs in blood perception, which I sent to the Watchtower!

Although I began correspondence in 1979, I actually did not allow, the blood issue to almost monopolize my conversation, till after the 1984: May 15th Watchtower, in which the moronic Watchtower said that one could have a bone marrow transplant but not a blood transfusion!

I quickly told then in my thousands of pages that I sent them, that this was laughable: for it would mean, to illustrate, "Oh! All of you JWs cannot shoot anybody with a new gun, but you can shoot as many people as you like, with a gun that you' ve assembled yourselves!" (Of course, that's wrongly assuming that transfusions kill!)

Of course, I told them also that they were as bad as some soldiers, who might insist on worshipping their country's flag, (blood). Whilst insisting, on spitting and despising their country: (life)!

Eventually, I pointed out that all they were forbidding, with plasma, was water! Furthermore, platelets were dead fragments, of gigantic Megakaryocytes cells in the marrow, which they did not object to! Also red cells, were a dead packet of haemoglobin, whereas the JWs could have the red cells: before they died, and lost their nucleous, coming out from the marrow and into circulation ... some few %ages, would actually came out into the circulation, whilst they still had the nucleous!

Furthermore, there are more white cells in milk, than blood... so I used the analogy of a cake: all-right, you might not want to eat blood, because it's disrespectful, so you take the cake through your veins, where it does not get digested and killed. Alcohol is actually a bad real-example, compared to the cake-Blood, which gets digested into the gut. Now ...sure, you can't have the cake... but I think that some persons might feel free, to have flour as bread, sugar as ice-cream, strawberries as strawberries! Etc.

I could go on forever, recalling my thousands of letters and thousands of phone-calls to Brooklyn and the Writing Dept: they actually used-to, quite often, cycle the staff, as they often became affected, by my phone-calls... my phone bill was over $200.00 a month.

I recall how after Franz's death, I got his University to give me his results, and I also got confirmation of his passing the extremely hard Rhode Scholarship Exam in 1913, ... I quickly faxed these to the Watchtower, and then was on the phone to the President's Secretary, and said that, Franz was too smart to make the mistake on blood, ... I think the real mistake was made by Rutherford on vaccinations,... all Franz was doing, was beefing up the purity from anti- vaccinations! The Secretary agreed with me!

Other things which I have done: one was to shatter the volume myth! Sure! You can take the blood from a dog, (some~ 30yrs ago), or from 4 or 5 pigs, (more recently)... but as I told the Society one must compare apples with apples, and not apples with oranges! You see, in a car accident, the circulation is sometimes, not restored for many hours and there might be shock, and organ shutdowns!

Furthermore, way back in 1984, I found that the Blood Booklet maliciously maintained, that saline was better than blood! ... You can imagine, this medical Sister's anger, when the Witnesses might have gone to her door, and told her, that it was all about volume, and saline was better than blood! She had just had a JW, who was having a kidney transplant in the operating theatre, who had lost massive amounts of blood and, besides being as white as a ghost: he was virtually too frail to move anything: except probably his eyes!

One of my best gems of blood perception breakthroughs, happened in 1990: when I told the Society that if they wanted to prohibit something, then they should prohibit Oxygen, for that is the real soul, and not blood.

When Adam was made, he had his blood in his arteries and veins, but he was not alive, till the oxygen or soul, was breathed into his nostrils! Of course, one could try to maintain, that the blood booklet was written by the staff Doctor, who gave tablets out for staff's headaches, and was not fluent with too much Haematology. But then, it was definitely criminal, not to have it, vetted by a haematologist! Who would not only have been familiar, with the Bible, but also with the "Bible of Haematology"...Wintrobe's "Clinical Heamatology"! Where, (even in my copy purchased in 1975), it shows that all one had to do was add a bit of 2,3 DiphosphoGlycerate, (the energy clutch of the red blood cells), ... to blood of 4,5,6, or perhaps even 7 weeks old, and restore the Oxygen carrying capacity...anyways now-days Emergency areas, which constantly deal with blood losses, eg the Royal Adelaide Hospital, ... I believe they only stick to blood from 1-3 weeks old! I guess I must have hit the jackpot in 1999, when I pointed out, that in a car-accident, it is not Jehovah that is taking the life away, but rather a tree, another car, or somebody under the influence of some sort of spirit, whether liquid or otherwise... so unless the man carries a letter in his blood, saying that he has sold his life to a tree etc - actually even if he did, I would expect the Doctor to think he was insane, and save his life anyway!

After this, and sometimes before the termination of correspondence, someone inside the Writing Dept told me that they would never change on blood, because it would bankrupt the organization; i.e., if 2000 get 10 million each ...that's US 20billion$... that's a lot of money.

I guess now with all the new managers, "Oh! No! That happened before our time...we're not responsible for that!"

Oh! By the way, most of my research in recent times has been, to do with Physics, Astronomy, Michelson-Morley Experiment, and Relativity -etc.

I made a book in 1988, "The letters of a Jehovah's Witness": Documenting the poor scholarship of the Watchtower! Unfortunately my brother who was an Elder for the JW's, since 1975: put the manuscript into his combustion heater!: It apparently didn't burn, that well, so there were suspicions of Demonism!... I think it turned out his flue was a bit blocked!...

I guess in the letters up to 1988, my biggest accomplishment was, introducing the Watchtower to figurative Biblical Hearts and Kidneys, which some 18 months later: came out in the Watchtower of September of 1st 1984!

The termination of correspondence came: in December of 1999. I guess my biggest accomplishment in recent times was in January of 1998, when I pointed out, that the Jews were coming out of Egypt ... so, the Nisan 14 night was the one that came after the Nisan 14 day; then later, the "Jews" went to Babylon, where the Nisan 14 night was the one that preceeded the Nisan 14 day, hence the Jews, now appeared to be doing the Passover, on Nisan the 15th.

Anyway, thousands of years later, JW's came along with the sentiments, "Look at those stupid moronic Jews, they show complete disregard, for the Bible...they have the Passover on the wrong day!"

I pointed out that, the real morons were the JW's, (subtly), and then mentioned that their 1998 Memorial, after 13 full days, meant that they were advocating a lunar month 26 days, when according to Astronomy, it was supposed to be 29.54 days. I advised them to come and check my calendar, and they would have seen, that on half a month (i.e. Nisan 14), they were already 2 days out from the full moon.

Interestingly, "post-humously", after the figurative "non-presence" of the writer: in 2002 for the first time, the JW memorial, the Jewish Passover and the full-moon, all happened on the same day... I think it was March 28 2002.

Here’s a brief elucidation on my previous correspondence, where I highlighted how I changed the Society, on "hearts and kidneys" was actually not all "my" doing! Quite fortuitously, I was able to exploit the advent of "Barney Clark(e)"...the Society had retreated very strongly into its fortress..."the heart definitely conceives murders, adulteries, and compels the brain to execute them! ...we can't go beyond the Bible!"

And then, thanks to technology, I was able to fire the "Exocet-Missile" into their fortress, i.e. "How could Jehovah judge Barney's heart, and how could a simple mechanical pump, 'conceive' murders and adulteries?"

All resistance was useless!!! My candidness has always been in contrast to the WBTS:

A) The heart : 'Can the heart actually perform all those tasks? Of course not!' ... virtually...'you were a fool if you thought so!'

B) When referring to the change about the Jews which took place sometimes after "Comfort for the Jews", (~post-1925), the WBTS said, "Some Persons thought..." ...When it was the whole Organization.

C) In some cases it has been caught out with a mistake... corrected the foreign editions, which came out 6 months later, ... but refused to publish an "Errata" in the English current copies! A bit like the 'paedophile' reporting problem: the connotation of the "Society" was probably more important, than most things to them.

"I've been telling JWs, that even though I like the change on haemoglobin, as a person who has studied haematology, I have to view such a change, as if it originated from an acquaintance who got dropped on her head as a baby, and is intellectually handicapped with an IQ of 70!

A red cell is dead: it has no nucleus, and no mitochondria, ...all it is, is a packet of Hb... in fact, 90%... so what is happening with things such as "Haemopure", is: "Oh! Look brothers, please abstain from cigarettes! But if you're smart enough, you can tear the packaging of cigarettes...(Red Cell shell: stroma!) and smoke the tobacco in a pipe!

Before the WTBTs closed correspondence with me, they actually acknowledged my IQ ...pity they don't always listen to me!

As Rado has previously stated, the JW HQs are often patrolling the 'enemy' sites... quite often, they are the most likely, to defend their cause, on enemy forums! As "Ray" intimated ... they have their own "classified" library, and perhaps feel they are 'above' their own laws! Some might attribute themselves, a sort of "libertine" nature ... i.e. one who is so self-righteous, that he can go amongst the "apostates" without ill-effects!!!

JWs are hopelessly inferior 'Christians' to Christadelphians, in some regards, ... the latter showed military neutrality, way back in the US civil war! An interesting observation is that if the "Christadelphians", had misinterpreted 'abstain from blood', from meaning 'abstain from spilling blood', i.e. "murder"; to the gloss of a halfwit scribe, who centuries later, gave it a dietary, (JW!) interpretation, and decided to actually, tamper with the Western Text: i.e. add "strangled animals" to Acts 15 , ...(should one not believe me), just check-out Byingtons, "The Bible in living English" which is actually "owned" by JWs! ... Anyway, getting back to my point, had they made this mistake, they would not dare sue the Doctors, but rather Christianly "turn the other cheek!”.

Only Morons, are usually automatons, I mean the HQs, are really, the equivalent of mendicant monasteries, even with the poverty vows included! The celibacy vow, was actually overturned, (from what I hear}, because, "President" Knorr decided he fancied a sister!

Anyway, before believing any legal argument, from any automaton, don't accept it at face-value. JWs have kept the legal systems, snowed under for massive periods, ... all over the US - in Supreme Courts and State Courts, ... heaps and heaps of cases, ... anybody could think that actually, they belonged in courts!!!

In Canada much the same, ... they even went petitioning the populous, taking signatures for a new constitution, ... fortunately, eventually the old one showed up.

Anyway they claim justification for "owning" the legal system, when they're really supposed to be "no part of the world", and be happy to be "dishonored for God's name", ... their excuse is that Paul appealed to Caesar.

However their faculties are absent, because they fail to realize, that this appeal was quite common for all over the Roman Empire, it was not something Paul had dreamed up! Paul was not asking for new laws! Paul was also not asking for new interpretations of the existing laws! What he was actually saying was, "hey I'm a Roman citizen.... I wasn't even born in Palestine... look every local over here, is biased against me!"

Much like a Foreign Affairs intervention today, for a national in a foreign country! By the way JWs women, are very quick at initiating divorce proceedings... as far as I know, a good Christadelphian woman, never does! They Know, that it was impossible under Jewish Law! The 'halfwit' John the Baptist, didn't ever acknowledge, Herodias' divorce under Greek Law, ... and was appropriately dealt with by the "state".

As for Paul's intelligence, which is rendered astronomical, by JWs, wasn't he supposed to be a citizen of heaven, and no-part of the world! It's easy to have a bob each way! He was actually the author of Christianity, Jesus had very little to do with it! By the way, he actually came from 'Greek' Asia Minor... and his Greek was very poor, except for Hebrews which he didn't write, ... he was known as the Gnostic Apostle, by early Fathers, this is why long after his death, the Pastoral Epistles, were fabricated in his name, to make him a 'normal' Apostle! The hierarchical structures of a much later era, are expounded! I mean, it wasn't till Clement, that the Officials, were really differentiated from the Laity. Apparently initially, everybody could contribute with a show of hand!!!

Anyway my point is that ignorance should not be rewarded with sums of money - sources within the HQ have admitted off-the-record, that the only reason, they have not changed this issue, is for fear of being bankrupted. Now Oxygen is the soul... blood is only its carrier ... I told them they should ban Oxygen... and then we would say "bye-bye all JWS!"

As for the usual rambling-on, about perceived dangers of Blood... I have studied blood professionally... if there are problems, organ-transplant has problems too, so have most maladies and remedies! Hey, next time you're going to swallow some food... have you ever realized that such food can actually choke you to death, in some instances!!! Is that going to stop you from having the next meal!!!

Ironic: Yes! Spending more than a billion hours a year "preaching", with 'nothing' to show for it! Not even matching the population increase around the world, (which includes some 'new', uncultivated fields!). Whereas in saturated areas, like most of the western world, 'they' appear to actually be going backwards!

JWs used to especially legitimize, preaching to Christendom... which is where most of them originally came from ... yet, they are too intellectually destitute, to realize that people like Rado, (and others), are doing exactly the same thing! They came out of the JW Org., and to them, the JWs are what Christendom is to JWS!!! ... Checkmate!!!

The concept of two witnesses mainly applies to adults who, usually know how to lie, in two hundred different ways! A five year old, in some cases, may not have even actually "learnt" how to lie yet!!!... Then, if it's a girl, there's probably the witness of a damaged hymen and accompanying blood! In boys, the analogous witness, would be a cracked anal sphincter!

Furthermore there would also be, usually, the presence of semen as another witness! The DNA can provide a further incorruptible witness!

Some JW elders I know, only have a few elementary school years... yeah!!! That puts them on equal footing with Doctors, G.P’s, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Police, Judges, Social Workers, and Hospitals... Don't make me laugh!!!

If you were really talking about "hugs", (and maybe, Christian kisses)...well, there's nothing wrong with that, unless someone capable, deems them inappropriate... (i.e. someone with a hard-on making a nuisance of himself)

Just a brief word ... as soon as I drafted my first letter, accusing the JWs of incompetence in May of 1984, over the bone-marrow/blood-transfusion debacle, my ex-wife refused to type it up, and within 3 months of it... she took my 18 months old son, and left! Then 3 elders "ganged-up on me!", and virtually isolated me from the congregation!

I kept trying to be re-accepted as a sort of double-agent ... so as to rescue my son! My ex-wife had become totally psychotic... she was abusing my son physically and burning any toys that I gave him!

Furthermore, she had "given" upwards of $40,000, for the "Quick-build" of the Auburn Congregation, whilst my son, would sometimes have to resort to eating the cat's dry food! At seven years of age, my son had had enough! He attacked his mother, and demanded to come and live with his father (me). Of course, seeing that I had complained about it... eg, "what if all JW's, give all their possesions to the church, and become a burden on the state!"

Eventually Social Security cut-off her benefits and told her ... "let the Church feed you!"!... She went to the church and they said, "We have no money!"

Hence she starved for a month! ... (The reputed 40 days of Jesus is nonsense! 40 in the Bible simply means "many", (i.e. a millipede is a ‘fortypede’!), just like 70 is a large round number, and 7 means several, whereas 1000 means "family, tribe or clan")!

After a month of starving, she broke into my back-yard, and ate of the wheat-bags, reserved for the hundreds of doves, I used to feed in those days! I eventually lobbied the Church, and they started giving her about $70/week ... imagine living on that! ... After a lot of chasing around, I got onto the Sydney HQ’s ... and following this, they paid her the poultry residue which supposedly was left over. It reminds me of the Prodigal Son's experiences!

Eventually, I said to the remaining active elder, involved in my sort of persecution... "Oh look ----, Elder ---- has been removed, and Elder ---- has resigned, ... does this mean that you're actually going to either leave JWs, or have a heart attack and die!?".

I was only joking of course, and we both laughed about the 'joke'! But I have higher powers, that are very fond of me, and have acted to protect me many times! I even won about $6,500.00 from KAFM, for some religious books ... they rang me and I said, "KA is my radio station!" Yet at the time I had an unlisted silent number!

Of course, I never wish evil on anybody, but often such utterances are deemed a good idea! I'll leave it up to your imagination as to what happened to that elder!

Anyway, it should give you some idea, of the traumas and emotional cost I have had to endure!

Regards and Best Wishes,

Frank P Russo.

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