The JWs are having problems keeping their members and gaining new converts as the chart in Investigator 71 suggests. Baptisms for the four years 1996-1999 totalled 1,382,000 but the door-to-door publishers rose only 704,000.

Even more indicative of problems is the annual Memorial of Christ’s death attended by all JWs and people interested. Attendance from 1995 to 1999 stayed static at 13-14 million. The number of "Bible Studies" conducted with prospective converts has also barely changed, staying near 4 ˝ million.

The results, then, are mediocre despite the five biggest yearly JW preaching efforts ever—over 1.1 billion hours per year.

In 1995 the JW doctrine that Armageddon followed by paradise on Earth would occur in the lifetime of people alive before World War I was changed after having been taught for about 50 years. Also, only JWs were supposed to survive Armageddon. With Armageddon now postponed much of the urgency and motivation for joining JWs is gone.

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