The ‘Messianic Secret’: its Discriminative effect on the Israelites!

Frank P. Russo – October 9, 2003.

If one has a perusal at my recent additions to my site, (, he will be amazed to find the actual scientific interpretations of the “Messianic Secret”. The main thrust of which can be explained as “anointing ourselves with olive oil!”

This actually explains why the Jews virtually believed, the olive oil to be ‘the Spirit of God’! They were obsessed with oiling their skin after washing (etc).This may well explain, why the insects from the plagues of Egypt, actually usually went for the Egyptians only! I mean, if you were the insects, would you prefer a good feed of whole-blood … or the bland olive-oil - that you would have probably reaped - by getting stuck into the skin of the Israelites! Anonymous did a very good rendition of the Biblical Plagues of Egypt, (in Investigator # 78, 2001 May), and I’m sure that he would appreciate my slight elaboration on the matter.

The greatest advantage for oiling one’s skin, is that the body does not have to secrete all that urea (etc), to attempt to feed the exterior of our bodies … it would even be able to dispense with all that lipid tissue, which is aggregated near the exterior, in a vain attempt to feed the skin ! This actually results in one of the most wonderful advantage in everyday life: have you ever wondered why the Bible isn’t constantly mentioning the washing of one’s clothes?(!) It is because, by oiling one’s skin, one dispenses with the body-odour that characterizes most of our existence today! One could possibly maintain that Jesus’ special coat may have gone years without being washed!

Now, it is also a fact, that the Israelites were instructed to oil, most items that were in the Tabernacle, such as Leather ‘scrolls’ (etc); this no-doubt would have kept replenishing, the infrared energy, that most things emit … (and thus resultantly eventually age). This oiling may also explain, why most things in the 40 year wilderness sojourn, did not wear-out much: not having much water through those deserts, they would have used a great deal of olive oil! I have first experience with the leaching effect of water, from my weightlifting days! Sure, one can loose a lot of weight under a shower, to enable one to move down a division, and thus attempt to set more records: however, if you eventually do check your plasma ionic potassium (+) level you may find like me , that you should admit yourself to your local “intensive Care”! Imagine your skin as an open bottle of “perfume” .. then you run a flow of water past the open aperture of such a bottle … I THINK YOU GET THE POINT!(???)

I now would like to add, a few observations from my recently published research:

1 - If you have your arteries doing most of the pumping, all your stethoscopes will ever pick-up, is a circulation murmur! Usually your lymphatic circulation coupled with your arterial pumping! [With the exclusion of other obvious noises, eg the rumbling of one’s intestines, (etc)] In other words, you will be the equivalent of a US submarine, as opposed to everybody-else being a “Red-October!”!

2 – Whether you listen to your heart or the fore-head will be immaterial! SAME NOISE!

3 – I guess, if one goes on a massive dose of Acarbose, (Glucobay), one might be able to decipher whether one is using much gut-glucose, or whether one is mainly getting his energy through his skin via “cold-pressed/extra-virgin/olive-oil”. REMEMBER, THE GLUCOSE ACTUALLY DAMAGES VERY LITTLE … IT IS THE STARVATION OF ENERGY, THAT BRINGS THE DEMISE OF MANY TISSUES!

4 – All the sugars from fruits, honey etc, i.e. natural: ARE OKAY! Smart alecs then say “oh yeah, but white sucrose is natural too! Are you going to tell me that a sugar cane plant is not natural?” To this one must reply, that according to current nutrition, it would be “natural”, I mean its bonds are not much different from other “sugars”! However, one must become alarmed at the astronomical amount of heat, that is pumped into those poor sucrose atoms!(???) Remember, to me an atom is a ‘smaller’ ‘universe’!

5 – Our human bodies, were not designed to be ‘damaged’ through incessant exercise to keep fit!(???) That’s what sex is mainly for – as opposed to procreation! – It was designed to protect the body, from the cob-webs of a sedentary office existence!

Well, that’s all for this issue, I think I have given some of our readers quite a bit to think about.

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