Frank P. Russo

From Investigator 66
May 1999

How low do the depths of implausibility plummet?

The Mormons believe in four 2,000-year-old men (Investigator 65 18-23) whose existence saves Joseph Smith from being a false prophet despite prophesying the building of a certain temple within one generation of 1832 the construction of which has not happened!

Wouldn’t the four alleged oldies be of the generation of the first century and not of the 19th?

Furthermore, Joseph Smith predicted: "For verily this generation shall not pass away until a house shall be built unto the Lord…" He’s talking about a generation which could potentially "pass away" but won’t pass away whereas the four oldies have immortality and therefore can’t ever "pass away"!

If the existence of these oldies is used to salvage Joseph Smith’s reputation we need to meet them and have medical specialists confirm their age.

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