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Subject: The truth about hospitals and civilians in Syria being bombed !


The truth about hospitals and civilians in Syria - being bombed !


There’s all sorts of hype about hospitals and civilians being bombed by Russia and Assad in Syria. However all this talk about war crimes and criminal courts is misguided nonsense! I’ll commence by illustrating this fact with a personal experience.


In August of 1999 I was invited to the Norwood’s ‘Café Bravo’ to have a chat with an old school friend – Bill Barbari/y  – and his friend Frank Grasso… I had no idea that my former friend had become some sort of political activist! He began by raving about how the US was raping all the Arab lands, and then he progressed to attacking the US for all the sanctions that were at the time imposed on Iraq … “Frank babies are actually dying over there because they can’t get western medicines!


My extreme logical brain came to my rescue, and I pointed out that if it had been me in Saddam Hussein’s place - I would not have wanted not even the death of one single baby on my conscience! I said that I would have rather resigned than have that happen!


In view of the foregoing, all these western dimwits - who appear to have moronic faculties – should be pointing out that it is the Assad Government which is the legitimate authority in Syria… the very fact that the so called opposition are called “rebels” implies that it is them who are the real terrorists: Russia appears to know this, but the west just simply wants to ignore this and continue to arm them without even knowing in whose hands their weapons end up (probably in the hands of ISIS and ALQAIDA )!


I have no sympathy for any of these rebels that choose to operate in hospital basements and amongst thick civilian areas… if they really cared for these hospitals and for civilians, they would give themselves up! For God’s sake they’ve been offered safe passage out of that area – why haven’t they taken this up ?


Just like I had no respect for Saddam’s resistant stand - at the expense of many babies’ lives - I have no respect for the Rebels in Syria: I hope the Russians and Assad blow them all to ‘kingdom come’! The Bible gives the imprimatur for this: when the Israelites’ leader David made a mistake who was it that paid for his mistakes? Why, it was the innocent civilians  by way of the simple fact that if it wasn’t for them, David wouldn’t be in his position of authority: often thousands of innocents would die either by the sword or appointed pestilences… (or was it the Devil - rather than the Bible’s God - who was really God and who wrote the Bible and runs today’s world’s affairs!)


Anonymously contributed.


Ps  somehow I doubt that Hillary Queen and Obama bin Laden are capable or want to understand what I’ve just stated: otherwise they’d join Assad and the Russians - instead of bombing them like they did, to make sure their union would not last!