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Subject: FW: Going as Arbiter between God and the Devil !

Just reminiscing how in my old Witness days, I destroyed Christendom’s “ransom”

Going as Arbiter between God and the Devil !

Frank Pio Russo - November 09, 1999.

Dear Bothers,

In 1974-75, I was inadvertedly led into challenging Satan (by the former drummer of the Twilights - Jeff Pretty). Then I was made to forget this challenge whilst Satan 'worked' on me: his first approach was that I had to taste sin so as to become an arbiter between Jehovah and Satan!

I have come to 'respect' Satan as to his capabilities and feel certain that he was of the highest order of the Cherubs otherwise a 'future' demon could have become his superior. Not only that, I also feel that he was the pinnacle and climax of Jehovah and Michael's creation (Ezek. 28:13-15). No wonder Michael did not challenge him over Moses' body... who knows - perhaps he needed and could have had to presume on Jehovah's help... in other words it could have been a real fight !

The Devil was the prosecutor in heaven: he knows divine law very well. As such I am sure he would have been aware that the 3 states of living i.e. heavenly, earthly and immortal -  are all "LIFE", very much like the 3 states of water - i.e. ice, water and steam - are all water. Now the "ransom" amounts to giving a delirious desert voyager some water to drink and using a gadget to freeze it, as it's going down his throat and then retrieving it with another gadget: "Oh! How's your thirst? I'M ONLY TAKING BACK ICE NOT WATER!" 

The objection which no doubt your writing department would think up, is that all that was needed was "the loins of Jesus"... (the city overseer John Harrison thought this as well). However the loins of Jesus have no right to life unless the "semblance of a live Adam" is given: for this you needed the 'sacrifice without a resurrection in view' of a 'complete' man (teleios). Adam was not 'perfect' because he had not eaten from the tree of life and was untested. I THANK JEHOVAH THAT WHEN HE ALLOWS A TEST IT USUALLY DOES NOT LEAD TO DEATH e.g. Job, Abraham and myself. All that is needed is one's compliance.

Christian Love: Frank Pio Russo.