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Sent: Saturday, 25 March 2017 10:49 PM
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Subject: Adopting a child is analogous to taking refugees into our home country!


Adopting a child is analogous to taking refugees into our home country!


Are you trying to adopt a new child? Well obviously you’d want him or her to fit-in with your family, so unless you’re trying to be outrageous like some of the spoilt movie stars and rock stars, you’d not cross the race barrier… i.e. if you’re a white family you’d naturally prefer a white child and vice versa.


Naturally you’d not want your new child to come into your family with the introduction of his own controversial ideology or religion… nor as fomenting destructive ideas that might tear your family apart. Also you’d want him or her to be obedient to yourselves as parents, and allowing your principles to guide his or her steps! It would definitely be a no-no or deal breaker, if they were to come into your family whilst being indoctrinated by outside influences!


Well extrapolating this to the migrant/refugee problem, it should be remembered that the host country holds all the aces! It should be demanded that they abandon any subversive religious ideations and take up the nominal religion of the host country, likewise they should show full allegiance to the host country… e.g. barrack for the home country in any sporting event!


Perhaps they should be made to sign some sort of document, formally stating that they abandon any notions of Sharia Law and promise to obey our laws of the land as well as fully attempting to integrate into our society.


Frank Russo.