Added sugars are the problem and not fats! And why the governments should be slapping legislation on food companies.

Frank Pio Russo - October 10, 2018.

After having quite clearly recently expounded how diabetes develops, and shown that fats have nothing to do with it - I feel it's high time that the governments intervene and direct all the food companies as to how to proceed from here onward!

It must be observed  that it's a bit moronic and certainly very simplistic, to judge from very simple face-value observations - sure diabetics tend to have high sugars, but it's totally stupid to blame sugars for all the damage, when the molecule is both inert and harmless - it's rather obvious to me that all the damage is caused by the toxic H+ ions that are also present... it's certainly not a good thing to have our bodies bathed by an acid bath! Similarly, it's also very stupid to assume that one's fatty tissues, are responsible for all the insulin resistance that's been speculated about! To me it's quite obvious that causality is going in the opposite direction to what stupid doctors would have you believe - it's not fats that cause diabetes but rather the damaging presence of acid which results from a bad diet... and it is far more likely that it is the diabetes that causes the excess fatty tissues rather than the other way round!

Quite clearly as the acid damages the pancreas, the body is no longer able to process the sugars which pile up in the circulation, and a great deal of these excess sugars end-up being deposited as fats on the body!

Now the food industry has been very keen to add all this excess sugar to everything, for the simple reason that it is an appetite enhancer, which allows them to make much higher sales. It's quite clearly necessary for the governments to legislate: if people never grow out of their sugar addiction they may have had in childhood, then they should be indulging in lollies and confectionaries rather than fuel their addiction in an invisible and clandestine way!

It's criminal what the food industry is doing: on the one hand they insist on poisoning all our food with all this added sugar - and you know if it didn't give them a spike in sales because the public is gullible, they wouldn't do it because sugar does cost money - and on the other hand these bastard food companies are demonizing fats, which are responsible for most of the beautiful taste in most foods! E.g. try some of the very good cheeses as both the normal version which includes the fats and the "light" version without the fats: it's like comparing "cheese and chalk"!

So in conclusion, all I can say is "please Mr Morrison get your people to legislate"! This is absolutely necessary because as my friend Christine has intimated, some of the food industry may want to change but could be worried about being sued for their past behaviour.

Frank Pio Russo.


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