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Subject: Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!


Why the whole world is being abused by the US Dollar!


Apparently the US reserve bank or Federal Reserve gets its money from Jewish bankers – presumably the Rothschild’s – and the latter are or are very close to being trillionaires, and behind every political manoeuvre in this corrupt world!


You’ve no doubt heard how the US has been constantly printing all this money for a very long time! Well in 2002 I placed a message on the DBA forum saying that the US could run budget deficits of a trillion dollars or even more, and all that would happen was that it would suck in everybody else’s money from all over the world! My post was quickly made to disappear!


Well the truth of the matter is that our whole planet is being abused by this US dollar currency, simply because of its central role as “moneta franca” in a similar way to how English is the ‘lingua franca’ and all the other languages are disappearing as its direct consequence! They can print as much as they like and it will retain its value simply as a result of its privileged role: what is really happening is that everybody else’s money in the whole world is constantly being devalued despite superficially appearing to be retaining the status quo: yes my words in 2002 were prophetic… it is really sucking all the money from the rest of the world into the US!


Unfortunately it’s a sad fact that countries such as Russia , China, India, Brazil and everybody else - are being played for suckers! Bill Barbari was actually wrong when he said in August of 1999 - in Norwood’s Café’ Bravo - that the US was raping all the Arab countries: it’s actually the whole world - and everybody seems to be happy about it – pleasantly going along with it!


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