About an Aboriginal Representative Body !


Frank Pio Russo - August 05, 2017.


Why would one want an Aboriginal Advisory Body to tell our Parliament what to do ? Are Aborigines such an ultra-intelligent breed or something, that we need their suggestions… far from it : they could not even invent the wheel !


If they were any good and worthy of it, why can’t they get elected like everybody else that’s in Parliament? And anyway that’s already happening: they already have Ken Wyatt and Linda Burney in there! Should we kick these 2 out of Parliament, so that their representative body can go ahead, or should we let the Aborigines have both the cake and eat it too  and have two bites at the cherry!


The reality  is that it would be mainly the half-casts with a ‘white’ education, that would hog all the positions… so what’s the point… most of these “half”-casts are only ‘part’ Aborigines, hence most of their “roots” are already represented!


Perhaps every racial ethnic group, should have its own representative body: i.e. one that’s Indian, one that’s Chinese, one Greek, one Italian and so on – the Parliamentary process would become a real Tower of Babel!


In view of this, I say no to such a representative body as it would be incredibly divisive: we’re all Australians and we all get the same equal democratic vote and use it as we wish.


Frank Pio Russo.


"18C current legislation: should we ban telling the truth simply because it might offend someone?"


I recently received the message below from a contributor – now if I were an Aborigine I would feel very offended and humiliated by its content!? However is that any reason to hide the TRUTH - if it were a veracious and historical statement – and spread lies instead, in an attempt to mollycoddle anybody who might be about 1% Aborigine and might feel offended that the rest of him (or her)– i.e. 99% - is superior to his measly 1% ?!!


NB: The following does not necessarily represent my personal views on the matter - I'm only mentioning it so that someone can rebut them if they are not veracious enough !


"An Australia Day message !


I am sick to death of seeing all these ‘white’ people claiming to be Aborigines and marching to cause violence and mayhem! I was disgusted to see this white woman with blue eyes, saying “they massacred my people!”


The facts are that when the civilized English came, it was in the “colonial days”, and in those days whoever was the more powerful took over any land he wanted by force ! Perhaps the Aborigines would have rather been brutalized by non-civilized people… e.g. the Indonesians or Japanese - I think it’s a fact that at the time the English were by far the most civilized people around !


And why isn’t it ever full-blooded Aborigines voicing such sentiments ? The “real” Aborigines had not even ever invented the wheel, nor did they ever build any houses… if anything at all ! Their maths apparently consisted of : “one, two, and many” – a truly not very complicated mathematical system at all !!


They were nomadic and went “walkabout” to where ever their whims took them… today people see some very early cave-drawings and don’t realize that there were some pre-diluvium civilizations that were global, and could have been responsible for such things rather than the Aborigines!


Yes such nomads did not own the land, and what’s more did not even exist as an organized proper society: today some of these half-breeds like to set-up a government-tent of some sort or “embassy-tent” in Canberra… but the truth is that they never actually had any government at all during their pre-white existence they were simply “nomadic savages” !!


Thanks to Keating… they’ve come a long way… and yet they show no gratitude at all - only contempt! All I’ve got to say is that no matter how much money the whites spend, the “gap” will never be bridged till their primitive genes are diluted down a great deal more !!


Anonymously contributed.”