Why one must not rush at adjusting his insulin downwards as his diabetes wanes away?

Frank Pio Russo - November 27, 2018.

We must realize that whilst the blood - or plasma - reference range for most substances, might be a particular range of concentration, the target various tissues of our bodies often have drastically different requirements! The reason we stick to the plasma level is usually because it would be too invasive and difficult to ascertain what the level in various tissues might be! I.e. one would possibly have to do a biopsy to find out. Hence when lowering the amount of insulin one is injecting himself with, special consideration must be given to one's eyes and also to his joints.

In some of the work involving vitamin C that I did way back in 2003-2004 , it became very obvious that what I have stated in the abstract to this article, was indeed very true. As far as vitamin C is concerned, I observed back then that both the adrenals and the eyes had massively high levels: I commented that in the case of the adrenal cortexes (or cortices), the level was huge because presumably the ascorbic acid was supposed to provide the many electrons to be utilized in the production of the local hormones... (remember that as the molecule of ascorbic acid is oxidized, it releases 2 electrons). Now when considering the eyes, it's obvious that the blood circulation feeding the vitreous humour is somewhat very limited... hence the eyes might need a big reservoir of ascorbic acid - very similar to the teeth.

Well as far as insulin is concerned, when one makes some serious progress in improving his condition, and goes ahead in lowering the amount of insulin that he regularly injects before his meals, he should be cognizant of the fact that the percentage of insulin to the ocular tissues becomes far more reduced than what is apparent in the blood circulation! This is also true in the case of the various joint tissues, and is obviously resultant from the inaccessibility and remoteness of these tissues to the blood circulation! In view of this fact, it might not be evident for a while that one has reduced the insulin a bit too much, for the simple reason that the blood glucose level is not reflective of what is going on in some of these target tissues! The illustration that I used about 15 years ago, is that the blood is like a highway or railway along which the various chemicals travel, however what's really important is the concentration of these chemicals or substances, at the various target organs or target tissues!

This has become obvious to me a second time recently! As I dropped the amount of insulin per injection, from 30-35 units to 17 units of insulin... things were sailing along very fine till  the last couple of days, when my visual acuity dropped somewhat and the hip pain manifested itself again. I quickly realized what was going on, and increased the insulin I was injecting,... and the visual acuity has quickly gone back the other way... it's really incredible to get such almost instant responses!

In conclusion, one must not be intent on lowering the insulin, thinking that such a move would reflect the disappearance of the diabetes illness... NO! Because one should recall that I have proved that the diabetic bad symptoms are caused by the toxic and acetic hydrogen ions, that result from the digestion of sugars and carbohydrates! And one should also be aware that if he's been a diabetic for 30 or 40 years or so, no doubt his pancreas would be somewhat damaged, and he would naturally require some insulin injections, up to - (and if) - his pancreas regenerates. This is very important because the tissues could become depleted of energy and thus gradually die.

Frank Pio Russo.


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