The truth about "aberrant" simultaneity.

Frank Pio Russo - May 10, 2009 (Revised October 6,2009).

If I were to send two 'similar' walkers in two different directions... one walking for half an hour whilst the other for an hour... only a moronic imbecile would even consider that the two end-points for the different journeys should take place as simultaneous events: obviously the end-point for the longer journey would take place half an hour later.

But now let's assume that I am sending 'similar' walkers off every half hour on the same two journeys round the clock. obviously the end-point of the first hour's journey for the original walker, will be simultaneous with the end-point of the second half-hour journey: they will naturally take place both at one hour from the start. Do I then stupidly claim that this represents an aberrant simultaneity? Of course not! Such a claim would be ludicrous!

Yet such assumptions were made in the development of the theory of relativity as a result of not looking at the event from the point of view of the absolute frame (i.e. old "ether-frame").

In the Michelson-Morley one must realize that there are photons constantly travelling "perpendicularly" along the recurring "hypotenuses", and because the orbital beam travels a long length and a short length, the moment at which two photons which were emitted at the same time reach their two destination mirrors vary: the perpendicular reaches first... however, the orbital one has a much shorter return trip and thus catches-up so that they both return to the beam-splitter at the same time.

However one must remember that these are reflected photons, hence in actual fact they are not observations of different time/events, reaching the eyes at the same time! But are simply homo-itinerant photons that have had their contact with their respective mirror at a different time to each other. Remember, they are simply reflected by the mirrors and not modified at all! Only their directions are altered.

However in my version of the Michelson-Morley, the "perpendicular" photon that gets emitted after the earth has travelled  0.335799009 m. since the orbital photon has already taken off... (assuming a two photon Michelson-Morley), will reach its respective mirror simultaneously as the orbital one reaches its mirror.

Hence in conclusion: Einstein in attempting to destroy time, only went on to show his childish stupidity... hopefully the scientific community will be able to appreciate this fact!


Frank Russo.




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