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Subject: FW: Dastyari and what being a minister means!



Dastyari and what being a minister means!


Sam Dastyari has apparently been caught with his hands in the “trough” in what has been labelled cash for comment! He has been taking up questionable Chinese South-China Sea positions, against his Labour Party’s stance, not to mention the government’s point of view – and getting well paid for it!


He should be taught a very severe lesson and kicked out of parliament, or in the very least demoted! Especially in view of the fact that he’s the leader of opposition business in the Senate: he should be leading by example… but instead he acts as if he’s immune from scrutiny, and whenever it suits him he’s always talking a ‘big stink’ about everybody else … be it banks or whomever!


He’s obviously a real ignoramus and unaware of the true origins of the word “minister”… it comes from the Greek diakonos which meant “to get dusty in the errands of others” (being a cognate of diakoneo which was “to kick up dust”)… it does not on the other hand mean to dishonestly “feather one’s nest!”.


Such behaviour is rendered even more contemptible in view of the fact that his Iranian name is a sort of homophone for getting “Dusty”… but apparently only for his own errands!


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