Paper No. 339: The Biochemistry involved in the proper Nutrition of our bodies                      (without getting Fat)!    Frank P Russo – April 17, 2004.


The media has recently been obsessed with any validity to do with the Atkins Diet! On the other hand, all I’ve had for such programs was contempt! As if one can actually patent things such as Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, etc … plus as usual, very inordinate prominence is given to any ‘moron’, who may have been indoctrinated by the system through having a Medical Degree!


Look, I was already doing these things in my early high school days, (~ 1970)! I was miles ahead of everybody! I was even already training to the sound of rhythmic music way back then: like you see in the gyms of today! Yet, all I got from everybody was: “Yukh” (???)…  SUCH BASTARDS!


Nutrition is quite simple! Our liver is like a massive biochemical factory – it can virtually produce everything – however, just like the Japanese have been buying so many raw products from us over the years, our nutrition needs to provide the essential “raw” products that our bodies cannot produce themselves! It may seem very OBVIOUS - the Japanese were not in the habit of buying things such as Sanyo transistor-radios, or any other sophisticated gadgets - likewise, we should mainly be providing our bodies, with the essential 24 organic compounds that they cannot synthesize all by themselves!


These 24 organic compounds consist of 9 essential Amino Acids – which you’re going to get through eating protein! Two other essential organic compounds are 2 essential Fatty Acids: one will of course provide these though the eating of fats! The remaining thirteen essential organic compounds are none-other than the 13 vitamins that we need! From memory, most of these are fat-soluble: except for vitamin C (i.e. Ascorbic Acid), and the B-complex.


So it is very clear that one would be providing most of the nutrition, through the eating of Proteins and Fats: basically most of our intake of Carbohydrates is to do with energy generation! One of the things that I really used to get annoyed about, was to see these grossly overweight people come-out of shops etc, overloaded with sugary drinks: which in those days was their main component!


Of course, there are also a further 15 needed compounds, which are of an inorganic nature: things such as compounds containing Calcium, Phosphorus, Iodine etc! One will find these all over the place, with some even being in simple water!


Summarizing then, it is rather evident that if one would continue to be oblivious to the actual nutritional requirements of his body, one would develop an inordinate appetite! This would no-doubt be, in the hope that some of the above essentials, may be found among the superfluous “empty” calories: this is obviously the mechanism, by which some people go on to manifest very overt obesity.


Frank P Russo:  (South Australia).





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