Paper No. 337   Why Natural Fabrics should be preferred for Clothing and Bedding!

                           Frank P Russo – February 27, 2004.



If one is a hyper-intelligent individual, one should be amazed at how well a sheep can fare in temperature fluctuations!


The “natural” conclusion might be, that a sheep may be constantly alternating from very cold to very hot - exposed to the whims of the fickle weather - however, the facts are that their wool is a very ‘miraculous’ fabric!


It is a fantastic light-weight insulator, keeping the sheep warm in winter, and keeping them cool in hot summers! However, where it borders on miraculous … is in the fact that it absorbs body-moisture, without giving the skin a wet feeling!


In my early days of oiling myself, I found that the only fabric to lay on for the night’s rest: was a woollen blanket! Obviously, the living ‘ten-to-the-minus-forty’ engineers in the wool, would absorb excess energy, (e.g. any oil), and present a comfortable surface for the skin!


Naturally, other ‘living’ fabrics would also be quite advantageous, with their own ten-to-the-minus-forty engineers: i.e. things such as cotton, linen … (? Etc)



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