Paper No. 335   Why I slept on my front for about twenty years!

                           Frank P Russo – February 27, 2004.


Most complicated brain activities, take place in the frontal lobes. This is why, when addressing a ‘non-sensical’ idiot, (e.g. Einstein), I would say – like most would – “You sound ‘lobotomized’”!


Now, for most of my life, I’ve had a very, very active brain! And you imagine when I began to use massive amounts of coffee, to cure the work-induced stress: my brain activity went “through the roof”!


Despite tranquillizers (etc), the only sort of semi-conscious “rest” that I could achieve, was by resting on my front: sometimes with my fore-head on my clenched fists, to change the angle of the face so as not to get SIDS! (The adult variety, i.e. SADS)! Other times, with my neck slightly to the left, so that I could breathe without the former clenched fists!


As a result, I think at least the “Cerebellum”, would have benefited from the rising oxygen, towards the back of the brain: hence my fantastic posture! ( N.B. the Cerebellum is the main area responsible for posture).


P.S. By sleeping on my front, the brain lobes would loose oxygen … hence it was conducive to lower activity!


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