Paper No. 334   Evidence for “Dark Rubbish” settling down in the lower legs and feet!

                                         Frank P Russo – Feb. 27, 2004.


As mentioned in paper 333, for quite some time, I’ve been using low-quality oil “unknowingly” … this resulted in my lower-legs darkening somewhat. My initial response was to sit on the side of the bed, and apply the oil with the legs somewhat in a sloping position: the slight incline making the running-off of the oil, much more slowly – this would be analogous to how Galileo was able to measure the gravitational effects more accurately, down a sloping decline instead of the straight-down vertical!


However, this was not very successful, because the quality of the oil being used was the real culprit! My next attempt, was to put a large quantity of the oil in a container, and submerge my feet in the oil … applying it over and over, to the feet and lower legs! This was slightly improving the situation: the latter was rendered rather obvious because, the oil in the container greatly increased in dark colouration!


It was obvious that the cheaper oil had a much higher content of dark rubbish! Let’s call it a sort of “stroma” … (i.e. the ‘extra-virgin’ ‘cold-pressed’ would have been much purer!)

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