Paper No. 333   A convincing “Double-Blind Study” by the Intelligence Services of the Western World!    (Frank P Russo – Feb. 27, 2004)


Last year, whilst in a supermarket, I commented to a rep. that it was very “bad” to have the Italian Hero “Dante”, as a product “Made in Spain”! Within a few days all the “Spanish” stock had gone, and the “Dante” was now “Made in Italy”: I was very naïve in buying a great deal of this oil … it was blatantly “full” of  sexual enhancers and I promptly returned all of the remaining stock back to the supermarket.


I next purchased 36 litres of this Spanish oil on a great special … I found that it had been “substituted” with a very cheap generic “impostor”! It was definitely not a “cold-pressed”, “extra-virgin” type of oil. I rang the distributors, and asked whether I could have it replaced … in the end, I decided that the CIA was well within its bounds, to verify my assertions via a “Double-Blind-Study” … was the ‘good‘ oil contributing: well my lower legs started darkening … and I became somewhat older looking – point proven!

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