Paper No. 332   Method in the Madness of a “Take-away” Store!

                          Frank P Russo – February 27, 2004.


I really don’t know why, I recently moved from a consistently good restaurant, to a take-away “global” store, (that could possibly have passed as ‘Scottish’).


I was given a Caesar Chicken Salad … I ate it … it was absolutely “fowl”, without any “fowl/chicken” in there … apparently it was all pork! I had a Doctor see me, and my bowels and intestines were very, very noisy … with a bowel-pain in the left-lower quadrant of the abdomen … (or thoracic cavity).


His name was “Attilio”, and he quite clearly told me to: “Stay away from McD------“! I had previously given great praise to that store … however I revoke everything I’ve said before! My son said … “Go where there are chefs instead of “teenagers” on ‘children’s wages’!”


I told them that they were ‘mad’ not to replace the defective item, and told them to tell their owner, to deduct about $7,300.00 from future takings … (365 days by ~$20.00) However, I suspect they are a favourable CIA front! They want me to eat well elsewhere! (???) Presumably not in a ‘fast-food’ place!!! What great guys!

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