Some details in Arthritis.

                                                                 Frank Russo, April 5 2006.

As people get older they make the mistake of staying up more and more as their bodies tend to sleep less and less. Eventually the muscle groups that require the most energy start 'packing-up'... the most complicated joints are also first in line, things like shoulders and hips. Furthermore, I know from my bodybuilding days that most of the repairs and growth of muscles, take place whilst one is sleeping or resting... this is obviously the case with ligaments and tendons, as well as soft tissue in general. So rather than the common belief that aches and pains keep older people up, it may well be that the insistence of older people to forgo some of their rest time, just because they're no longer sleeping as much, may actually bring on their demise as far as joints and ligaments. Forget about sleep, gravity is the real killer and I feel that one should perhaps have about 12 hours of down time per day!

One interesting way for professional people to bring this about, could be by having 5 or 10 minutes 'down', (as a break), in-between their appointments. Others could for example do it at their hourly watch chime, every hour or as often as possible. This regular intervention against gravity will do wonders by constantly allowing the body to 're-size', and especially the back to recover and thus keep friction-wear minimal. Actually some bending of the back would be desirable with the abdominal muscles and diaphragm protruding to compensate progressively during the day. This is then adjusted by the body at the long break at night and may explain why by the morning I'm at 5'-10" whereas in the evening I am only 5'-9".

Of course, to fight arthritis one needs an anti-inflammatory. A very good one is sesame seeds as "half an ounce of the seeds contain 4 grams of essential fatty acids,175mg of calcium, 64 mg of magnesium and 0.73 mg of copper". The latter is significant especially in view of the body's requirements becoming quite raised in arthritis during inflammation! Now even with anti-inflammatory drugs like Voltaren, one can work-out how often to rub the ointment or gel, so that the joint can have an adequate maintenance level of the drug... so as not to abuse the drug, as often: "more is not necessarily better"

Furthermore it's nonsense to say that just because one has had a bad hip for a year, "it's arthritis" and just accept it and stop treating it. It may well be that the bed is a bit low and one actually dislocates the hip every-time he gets up! In which case one may need a new bed, or simply rotate onto one's stomach and come off backwards through the front of the bed. A stiff clutch or simply a sitting position too close to the steering wheel - such that the hip works overtime when changing gears - can also be a serious causative agent of arthritis. So let's never give up: life is a real privilege.

                                                                    Frank Russo: Paradise.





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