Time Contraction as Opposed to Einstein's Time Dilation

Letter to Dr. Jack Cohen dated Feb. 12th, 1999

Frank P. Russo

P.O. Box 90, Campbelltown 5074 South Australia

Dr. Jack Cohen
Editor in Chief
Speculations in Science & Technology

Dear Jack,

Just a few observations on principles regarding my relativity...

Basically, Einstein had : Time Dilation & Length Contraction
I have : "Time Contraction & Length Dilation"

An example: if CA is 304475873.2 m/sec and VA is 53198115.45 m/sec then one "would" expect CR to be CA-VA = 251277757.8 m/sec.

But now whilst you're on the moving earth, you reach back and "appraise" the VA in reference to your relative speed: it will appear to be going at only 43,903,324.84 m/sec...you then add the two to get an overall relative speed:- 251277757.8 + 43903324.84 gives you 295181082.6 m/sec... BINGO! You've got "Time Contraction" the true relative speed is 299792458 m/sec!

Hence to account for the Time Contraction, one "Dilates" the length, hence the speed of 251277757.8 -> 255203267 and the speed of the earth goes from 43903324.84 -> 44589191.01.

This is just a "Reality Safety Check" to make sure that everything in my relativity is working well!!

Love to you and Caroll

Frank P. Russo

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