The Photons are Travelling Hypotenusally and not Perpendicularly

Letter to The Advertiser Newspaper dated Feb. 8th, 1999

Frank P. Russo

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Barry Hailstone
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Basically, Einstein envisioned the speed of light being the same perpendicularly and hypotenusally with the time changing


Basically whereas perpendicularly there's 2 seconds @ 299792458 m/sec
Hypotenusally there's 2.031244383 sec. @ 299792458 m/sec according to Einstein.

However the real speed is the hypotenusal speed and not the perpendicular speed whilst moving


NB - Photons are not moving perpendicularly at all but rather hypotenusally. Hence 2 seconds @ 304475873.2 m/sec are equal to 2 seconds @ 299792458 m/sec.

The first is an "Absolute Actual" speed. The second is a relative speed.

Regards, Frank P. Russo

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