Great Experiments in one's sleep!

Frank P. Russo

Frank P Russo – Dec. 27, 2003.

I actually believe that causality was first negative … i.e. the “Force of the Universe” first set-up all the “dominoes” backwards and then when “He” got to “zero”: He turned around and flicked the first “domino”… Bang … positive Time! And here we are thinking that causality is actually positive! Of course in most instances it would be very counter-productive to let every-body in on this “charade”: except in special situations!

From my experience most “morons” who actually give “credit” for their BIG ideas to their sleep, are actually “wishfully” trying to hide their dependence on others for their inspiration: this was the case with one of the biggest morons in the history of the Universe such as Einstein! The ‘idiot’ actually claimed that he hadn’t even heard of the Michelson-Morley Experiment, yet he went on to “plagiarize” all of Lorentz’s Transformations that had been derived from the Michelson-Morley Exp.! (???)

Everybody raved how his Relativity was “a bolt from the blue!” … This has all been exposed! (e.g. In one of the recent biographies of ~800 pages!). As for a Nobel Person from the last issue of Investigator Magazine (January 2003), the whole charade was ridiculous! If one reads up on the contemporaries involved, there were many working on similar ideas, even one with whom the prize was shared! The whole notion, is severely betrayed by the fact that dreams usually take place during “REM-sleep”, when the individual is somewhat paralysed … “to jump out of bed to jot down complicated experimental details” shows lack of appreciation for the somewhat lack of muscle tone and consciousness at that phase of one’s sleep.

Furthermore, today’s Saturday Advertiser, (Adelaide S.A.), shows that a great rock/star, attributes her fame to selling herself to the Devil, and becoming a “witch”… I vaguely recall her suggesting to a fellow musician, that if she wanted to become really famous, she would have to do the same!

Of course not everybody would want to expose their dependence on demonic ‘patronage’: hence some might attribute it to their sleep! Anyway most suggestions during sleep, might also be supernatural: remember Jacob, Joseph, etc and their “dreams”!

PS – Don’t Believe Every-thing you Read!

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