Different Structures at the Edges of the Universe

Frank P. Russo

P.O. Box 90, Campbelltown 5074 South Australia
August 8th 2002

When Bohr founded Quantum Physics, he was very keen to draw parallels between the solar system, and an atomic model. However, he had to abandon this, in view of the fact that the electrons moved so fast!

I also thought at 9 years of age, that our universe was an atom in the next "world up" ... eventually I abandoned this idea for similar reasons as Bohr ... however in 1995 I measured the absolute speed of our earth as 53200Km/sec ... hence my idea was resurrected! (Sure the earth is going at 30, but that's relative to the sun, whilst the sun is going at 250 relative to the galaxy, but the galaxy is going at 700 relative to the cluster, and the cluster is going at 900 relative to the supercluster and so on!

Now if our universe is a "Macro-atom", one would expect to run out of "quarks" as you get to the edge of the universe... (these would make-up macro-protons and macro- neutrons)... What one would find beyond the edge of our universe would be much "smaller" leptons! These make up electons!

I believe the speed of light is still constant because its proponent was the great Scotsman Maxwell... and not the "borrower" Einstein! Much of these Ideas are in my "view guests" on my website: http://www.frankrusso.net/

Furthermore, some of this light might possibly be of a different nature simply because "electrons" release light as they get less excited and move "inwardly" as opposed to nuclear fusion... (perhaps).

Regards: Frank P Russo.

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