Anomaly with the recent MME visualization.

Frank Russo - May 07 2007.

The problem with the recent MME visualization was that to keep it from getting far too complicated, I chose not to show the motion of the origin... there were also space constraints with the page. Instead I tried to show the fact that the motion of the apparatus collapsed or disappeared by showing it in red: this was the 1.921923284m.

Of course once one realizes this fact, he would not be bothered by the bit of incongruousness at the end of the diagram: obviously the equivalent earth motion to when the light would finally go over this earth motion would be 0.335799009m and not 0.169200818m. However, the master-stroke realization is that this latter figure is all that should show up at the front of the 10.83079918 m as it could be viewed as travelling at C-absolute minus C-relative or namely at 4,683,415.2  meters per second. This would represent the total relative movement forward for the whole 11 metres whilst not adding anything to the absolute 11 metres travelled hypotenusally!

Interestingly enough this four and a half thousand km/sec. advance is very comparable to the recently measured speed of the advancing front of the microwave back-ground radiation Web Analytics



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