The iris and the colour of our flesh.

Frank Russo, April 25 2006.

I once read this German paper on iridology... it was extremely critical and derisive, its only real thrust being that there were no nerves from the eyes wiring them to the whole body. However the eyes are organs taking in light and they are very highly connected to the brain. I would hence naturally expect them to work directly through the brain to the other parts of the body. I believe it was Dr Jensen who first noticed that all the patients with the same broken limbs had a dark spot in the same location on the corresponding iris (i.e. left iris for left arm). These spots apparently got progressively lighter as the limb got better and better.

Rather than look for high nerve connections between the eyes and corresponding areas, I would put all the emphasis on the light coming into the eyes. I would even go so far as saying that a particular colour, i.e. black, would be pulled in by a larger area of a similar colour. I would furthermore be tempted to draw an analogy between us humans and some animals or fish that can change their body colours like the chameleon, the squid and possibly the cuttle fish. If man is the pinnacle of the Force's innovations, I would expect our bodies to be able to manoeuvre colour to its advantage.

I actually get brown spots in the areas of the iris that specify zones where I am feeling not all that well! Brown of course being a colour that channels energy presumably to the sick area. So the colour of the iris can show extremely interesting variations. A further thought may be, that this is why sick flesh goes dark in colour, it is simply trying to receive as much light energy as possible. One should not ridicule iridology, simply because one does not understand the processes involved!

I am of course not here giving full endorsement to iridology, as far as prognosis go: iridologists for example have been prone to just about diagnose kidney disease in everybody - well perhaps everybody does have kidney disease! Life after-all is terminal! There is nothing wrong with monitoring your own body with your eyes, for you after-all know the history of your eyes with their genetical imperfections (that you may have had from birth). An iridologist must have realized I was right, when his firstborn daughter was born with a red spot in one of her eyes which he could not explain. So let's use our eyes whilst being aware of their limitations.

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