The herb that got my pulse going again!

Frank P Russo – 2005-01-27


In my previous papers I have said that the effects of coffee in our bodies can linger for 30 days, and that only after avoiding coffee for 30 days will you really know whether you were suffering from coffee toxicosis or not.

Well after about 30 days of abstinence, my pulse actually stopped and just a “touch” of coffee in the morning was enough to start my pulse again for a while. Furthermore, medium-ground coffee seemed to impel my pulse more forcefully than finely ground coffee.

From memory, I vaguely recalled that ice-brewed tea did not do this and that’s when I came up with the saying that “tea heals whilst coffee excites”. I also noticed that most teas were brown in colour whereas coffee can be quite dark sometimes! Furthermore, coffee is well implicated as a strong causative agent of arthritic pain.

I am now avoiding coffee for a while just to see whether my pulse disappears again: in which case I would only use it as a stimulatory drug in future, rather than for constant “pleasure”.


Frank Russo .

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