The best nutrition ever dished up!

Frank P Russo – 2005-01-27

A chiropractor friend said that it takes up to 9 days to digest meat fully. This was after I said that I avoid meat because of 3 main poisons that meats give in abundance: creatinine, urea and uric acid. These are very deleterious to our health especially to our kidneys.

I said that no animal gives a leg or an arm for its young ones to chomp on! Therefore eggs and milk are far superior! Don’t worry if eggs have no vitamin C, (and nor does milk for that matter: after it’s been pasteurized.

What you’ve got to do is view nutrition as if it was “Araldite” glue: remember “part A” and “part B”. So every-time you have a meal you must mix a non-vitamin-C containing food and a vitamin C rich item, together – i.e. part A and part B – like pasta and tomato source or having some strawberries (or and oranges), after having some eggs (and or milk)!

Your food will then be well oxidized and your faecal matter will be light in colour without very unpleasant smells.


Frank Russo

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