Some further insights into thermoregulation.

Frank P Russo – 2005-01-27

As previously mentioned, the heat for our bodies should be ideally generated in the feet. So one should wear some kind of brown/black sandals at all times even in bed.

Then when the feet heat-up, one can briefly go barefooted and as they cool down, one can put brown socks with the sandals. Actually whether the feet heat-up or cool down, one can put on brown/black boots: these will insulate to stop the feet getting cooler, and at the same time will provide a thermally protected area for thermoregulation to take place via heat- labile ACTH hormone … (see a previous paper). Actually sometimes, simply lying down will heat and energize the body.

You may find that when the body has rested and is well energized, you may actually be half an inch or even maybe a full inch taller: this will be gobbled-up as you use the energy during the day.

One great suggestion to achieve good control is to wear shorts, for then the blood is cooled down on the way to the feet where it is then heated: thus restoring the status quo with excellent control!


Frank Russo .


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