What does the damage in Diabetes?

Frank P Russo – 2005-12-21


A high blood sugar in most people denotes a low tissue glucose-6-phosphate component, in other words whilst the sugar is accumulating in the blood it’s not going anywhere and the tissues are starving!

Hence all the damage is being done by a “low” sugar or hypoglycaemia whether apparent or “masked” by a misleading high blood sugar! This is actually acknowledged by “Clinical Chemistry in Treatment and Diagnosis” by Zilva and Pannall (Second Edition). Page 188 says “moderate hyperglycaemia is almost harmless and it is the metabolic consequences of the inability of cells to utilize glucose which are dangerous”!

So the key in high blood sugars is, “are the tissues being starved of sugars?” And this you can tell by whether there is a ketone smell in the urine (or blood). I get a high sugar because of my high ACTH hormone which tends to convert everything to sugars, being strongly gluconeogenic. However I do not have the chemical smell of ketones and this is the key to diabetic damage, because the latter comes when cell uptake or and metabolism of glucose is impeded (page 189).


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